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And I’m here to invite you into my virtual world … So, get ready and buckle up as we’re about to help you unleash your inner rebel, because this story is about to take you on a thrilling rollercoaster ride!

Picture this: It’s the late ’90s, and after four adrenaline-fueled years serving our country in the military and eight years rockin’ it with the big yellow and black car rental company, I decided it was time to break free and create my own business empire. 1998 marked the beginning of my epic entrepreneurial journey. Armed with a passion for success and a rebellious spirit that couldn’t be contained, I set out to conquer the business world with a style that was uniquely mine. No more marching to someone else’s beat or following the rigid rules of corporate life – it was time to shake things up and create a business that would leave a lasting mark on the world.

I embarked on a journey to revolutionize the way people experienced transportation. Say goodbye to the boring and mundane, and welcome a world where excitement is the fuel that powers our engines.

… Fastforwarding to the present, my venture has become a trailblazer in the industry.

We’ve left our competitors in the dust, spinning our wheels with an unrivaled level of energy and innovation. Our team consists of a vibrant group of rebels who refuse to conform to the status quo. We’re not just your average business; we’re the rule-breakers, the trend-setters, and the heart-pumpers of the industry.

But let’s not forget the lessons I learned during those military and car rental years. They shaped me into the bold and resilient entrepreneur that I am today. From the military, I gained discipline and the unwavering commitment to go the extra mile. And those yellow and black rental days taught me the importance of building strong relationships with clients.

This is where the adventure truly begins. With a unique blend of military precision, big yellow and black know-how, and an unwavering commitment to bringing excitement and fun to the world, my business has become a force to be reckoned with. We’re ready to take you on a thrilling ride, leaving behind the boring and mundane in favor of a pulse-pounding experience that will have you begging for more … redefining “business as usual”!

“Not only is Patrick Allmond a dynamite speaker, he delivers the goods! Patrick is a true master of marketing, and delivers practical, valuable information and action plans that are right on target. I was super impressed.”

Dynamic Keynote Speaker & Peak Performance Coach Dan Thurmon.

Here’s What They’re Saying …

Patrick is one of those rare individuals who goes out of his way to provide an extremely high quality service, using his expertise and creativity to enhance the value of his offering to his clients. I can tell that he spends time thinking about my account in ways I didn’t expect, and as a result, he continues to enhance my web presence while improving the overall quality of my website and associated items. He is making it easy for me, a small business owner, to have a sophisticated web presence without consuming all my time and energy.

I know Patrick for several years when we worked together at the Department of Veterans Affairs. He did an excellent job and consistently demonstrated high level of professionalism, leadership, and integrity. Patrick has outstanding organizational skills and is able to successfully complete multiple tasks with favorable results despite deadline pressure. I highly recommend him for any endeavor he chooses to pursue. He is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization or business out there.

“He is a guide, a guru, a sage and an expert in technology all rolled into one!”

Bruce Weinstein, Keynote Speaker at

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I’m Getting So Tired of This …

Hey, parents, step up and do your damn jobs as parents.  I just got back from doing yet another news story about kids and social media. This one, a local lawmaker here in Oklahoma City, wants to create a new law. There's a bill I had to read about lowering, excuse me....

Is Peak State a Thing? Does it Work?

Do you have a peak state? Or do you even know what a peak state is? A peak state for me is when everything is hitting just right. I'm hydrated, I'm in good shape, I've eaten well, I've gotten up early, I've gotten all of this ready. It took me a while. I'm still...

Life Kicked Me in The Balls

I learned another valuable lesson yesterday, that when you're out there hanging out with your buddies, taking risks, doing fun, adventurous things in life, sometimes life will leap up and bite you in the ass. And that's what it did to me. I was out playing pickleball...

Listening To Too Many Opinions Will Drive You Insane

In today's interconnected world, opinions are abundant and easily accessible. It's a double-edged sword; while seeking advice and diverse perspectives can be valuable, constantly bombarding yourself with an overload of opinions can lead to confusion, anxiety, and a...

The Top Three Time Management Hacks I Use To Stay Disciplined

Time is the most valuable resource we possess, and managing it efficiently can be the key to achieving our goals, both personally and professionally. In today's fast-paced world, staying disciplined and making the most of every hour is a challenge we all face.  Over...

Fortune Cannot Aid Those Who Do Nothing

In the quiet town of Serenity Springs, nestled between rolling hills and lush forests, lived a man who went by the name of Henry. Henry was an unassuming figure, unremarkable in appearance, and never one to draw attention to himself. He lived a simple life, working as...

Will You Ever Be As Happy As This Man?

Wow. I was lucky enough to find the site of Ronald Jenkees. He is a musician that produces some really great upbeat music. His home is at and his YouTube channel is at His music just amazes me, and I find...

Just Decide

“Just decide…” – Will Smith Sounds simple doesn’t it. If you want to be successful just decide to be. The next day you will have all your goals met. You will be happy. Life will be easy! Many of you are probably laughing at this post at the moment. We know success is...

The Best Hobby Ever!

In this special post, I'm sharing with you my experience with @PixelsPlanes, where I had the absolute pleasure of speaking with host (and a good friend of mine) Ryan Johnson. Join us as we chat about aviation, how to become a pilot, and what my journey has been so...

ACTION is the great things that escapes most people. Good ideas are easy. Good executions are rare and where the fulfillment comes from.

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