April 19, 2024

I’m Getting So Tired of This …

Hey, parents, step up and do your damn jobs as parents. 

I just got back from doing yet another news story about kids and social media. This one, a local lawmaker here in Oklahoma City, wants to create a new law. There’s a bill I had to read about lowering, excuse me. Yeah, raising the age to be on social media.

Why would somebody propose that?

If parents would just go out there and do their job of watching what their kids are saying, making sure their kids aren’t bullying in person or online, that’s how we get laws like this, which in my opinion, are pretty stupid. We don’t need the law. We need parents to step up and do their damn jobs. So I really get frustrated when I have to do stories like this.

And this has to have been 10th, 20th news story I’ve done on this. Help me help our kids and help our parents. Let’s hold our parents and kids accountable and let’s make them do their job so we don’t need more laws, we need better parenting.

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