“How do I do better ads?” Become more unhinged.

“How do I do better tweets?” Become more unhinged.

“How do I do better Facebook lives?” Become more unhinged.

“How do I get more interaction when I speak?” Become more unhinged.

“How do I close more consulting gigs?” Become more unhinged.

“How do I build a small tight circle of true friends?” Become more unhinged.

This is the first thing I think of in every marketing strategy.

What can the person do that is more loud, authentic, genuine, and closer to their core values and voice. You are afraid. Afraid to say what’s really on your mind. Afraid to call a spade a spade. Afraid to call out bullshit when you see it. Afraid of offending your best friend, your fellow clergy member, neighbor, mom, or the mom of your kiddos best friend. (If you don’t want to offend your boss, I’ll give you a pass. You’ve got to put food on the table.)

It’s the reason you have two Facebook accounts. It’s the reason you fiddle with your privacy settings, so some people see certain updates and others don’t.

It’s the reason you see a post from a friend or a fan page and ADORE it … in your head. However, don’t you dare like it or share it because that would piss off a bunch of your friends.

It’s happened to me. I’ve lost business because of it. I’ve had people message me privately and say “Omg I can’t believe you said that. You really should take that down.”

I’ve had people come up to me in real life and say, “I thought about doing business with you but that curse word in your inspirational quote is a real turn off”. Well damn. There goes $10K I really could have used.

This is me calling you out.

I dare you to be more YOU. Stop trying less to be the model of a modern major general (that’s for you Courtney Clark). Say the things that are in your heart. Disagree with popular opinions and be vocal about it.

Now you don’t have to be an asshole. I’m sure I go too far sometimes. But I’d rather go too far and back that thang up later than sit here with a silent opinion screaming in my head about an important issue.

But relax a little. Feel free to voice your opinion — even when it’s unpopular.

What is the worst that could happen?