February 3, 2018

Do Your Surroundings Inspire Your Mission?

Hey my friends, it’s Patrick Allmond from Stop Doing Nothing and I hope your day is going great.

It’s already at the point where here in beautiful Oklahoma City I can start doing videos outside again. If you noticed depending on what the weather is like and what the season is like just like all things, we can do things indoors or outside. As you can see it’s halfway decent, it’s sunny out here, the temperature I think is in the mid to upper 60s which is just perfect for me because anything colder than 70 is way too cold for me.

This reminded me today about how the environment effects our mood.

One of the most popular blog posts on stopdoingnothing.com is How to Become Obsessed With Something. As a matter of fact, if you Google how to become obsessed with something you’ll see the stopdoingnothing.com is the most popular website for this search term. One of the ways that I find that helps me kind of stay in the zone and work on my goals and remember my financial goals, remember my spiritual goals, and my travel goals is the environment.

Now of course outdoors environment we’re talking about the weather, the sun, the moon, the things like that, but the environment is also the things that you surround yourself with every day.

I’m not talking about friends this time, I’m talking about the colors that are around you, the posters, the words, the figurines, the statues that are around you. I want you to take a moment right now and look where you’re sitting, if you’re in a home office or a work office or even at home in the living room or on your phone in bed just look around you and look at the things that are above you and beside you and next to you and what you’re wearing. Are those things that remind you of what you should be working on?

What you see around daily is what will drive your goals are dreams. Set it up for success. Just like the pros do.

I’ll give you a good example. Oftentimes when I’m really working hard on a big goal, I’ll tape that to a mirror and I’ll tape that to the refrigerator and I’ll put it up in my home office so I can remember that when I’m glancing around, looking randomly at things I’m not just looking at the or looking at the carpet or looking at the wall I’m looking at things to remind me.

If you’ve seen some of my past videos, you’ll notice that behind me in the home office I’ve got some posters, some inspirational posters. Whenever I’m in there it’s not just bare walls or pictures of whatever artwork I have up, I have things to remind me about dreaming and goal setting and right next to my computer monitor I have a list of five things I know I should always be working on and my screen backgrounds on the computer rotate every hour on my Mac about these different inspirational phrases either I’ve made up or I’ve gleaned from other people that came before me that were way smarter than me.

My goal all the time is to try to surround myself with things that remind me number one, to be happy but also uplift me and remind me that I am on a purpose, I’m on a mission, I’m on a goal and I should not waste a single moment of my time. If you haven’t done so yet whether it’s in your kitchen or in your bathroom or in your bedroom or in your home office rearrange your desk, put up things that inspire you and remind you that you’re here for a bigger mission, a bigger purpose in life whether it is to get a job promotion. If you want a job promotion, put up the things to remind you about what you get when you get that job promotion, the things you need to be working on to get that job promotion. If you want to achieve a certain physical ability or you want to lose weight or whatever it is put up things to remind you about that. Go out and do things like buy those skinny jeans that you’re eventually going to buy or put-up pictures of people exercising or what your goal weight is supposed to be like by a certain time.

Put those things in places where they’re constantly kind of making impressions on your eyes and reminding you that this is the reason you are here, this is the reason you’re going to go to the gym, this is the reason you’re going to eat healthy, this is the reason you’re going to drink a gallon of water or two every single day. You want constant reminders because there’s obviously conscious reminders and conscious impressions on your brain but subconsciously, they will always be there reminding you and they’ll help kind of guide your actions and that’s the really important thing when it comes to goal setting or obsessions is keeping things in line that guide your actions every single day from the moment you wake up and that would be putting things on your bathroom counter.

If I were to show you my bathroom counter there’s an inspirational poster on my bathroom counter and while I’m brushing my teeth in the morning right now on Spotify there’s some motivational things I listen to on Spotify. I’m just constantly stimulating myself to remind myself about things I want to do and things I’m thinking bigger about. I would encourage you to do the same thing.

Take a look at your environment around you, you know we obviously have no control over the weather, but you do have control over the colors and the images and the words that are around you and as long as you keep those on track, as long as you use those times and those opportunities to remind your subconscious mind of what you should be working on it’s just another way to kind of help and I’m not going to say guarantee success but it’s another way to kind poke and prod yourself of what you should be working on, you don’t want to waste a single moment of your time.

It’s not hard to find Stop Doing Nothing, stopdoingnothing.com or Patrick Allmond and until next video and next podcast I will see you later.

Take care,

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