January 29, 2018

Do You Even Care?

Hey, good morning my friends.

It’s Patrick Allmond from Stop Doing Nothing.

  This morning I want to talk to you about the word fervor. If you haven’t heard of this word before, then welcome to expanding your vocabulary day. It’s a word I’ve known for a while, and I’ve always loved it and I’ve always tried to think when I’m on my way to doing something or I find something I’m interested in to apply fervor to it. Fervor is when you have an intense emotion or desire or eagerness to do something. I’ve learned that over time when I find things that really juice me, when I find things that really make me happy, when I find things I’m really jazzed about whether it’s a person or a hobby or something work related or something athletic related, if I really don’t have the fervor for something or the intense desire for something, I don’t do very well at it. I half ass it.

Unless you are “feeling it” or have fervor about something, you are going to half ass it. 

My goal every single day, every single week, every single month, is to find things that I can feverishly pursue. As you can see right now, I’m calming down from the gym. Apologize for a little bit of sweat. But exercising and fervor at athletic events and doing things with my body is something that I feverishly look forward to or I apply fervor to as I’m going there. Sometimes it’s hard to get motivation, for example, for me to get up and go to the gym. I’ll admit it’s hard to get that first step but once I start getting dressed, once I get in the car, once I’m on the way there, once I badge in, once I get moving, I want to do it. I’m excited to do it. I want to do more of it. I want to do it ’til I can’t stand up anymore.

 It’s the same with some of my other hobbies. With flying, with certain things with technology, with public speaking. Once I know I’m on the way and I remember why I’m doing it, and how it can help other people, then the fervor kicks in, the adrenaline kicks in an I cannot wait to do it and do more of it.

If you find out what juices you, you’ll never need to be motivated again.

My challenge for you today is to find some ways to use fervor or find the things that you are passionate about or intensely motivated about and that jazz you and make you want to do things better. The way I think about it, when you sit in your car to drive someplace or when you’re in the bed and you’re thinking about getting up, think about the things you want to do and which ones make you want to stay in bed more or not want to start up the car or which ones make you want to jump out of bed and get moving and get there as soon as possible. It may be a teaching job that you go to, and you cannot wait to be there with your students. Or it maybe a certain career where you’re helping other people and you cannot wait to get there and do that customer service or do that thing that makes you happy.

Find those things, do more of those things and do less of those things that make you want to pull the pillow back over your head and snuggle back under the covers cause you absolutely dread getting up there. Fervor is your word of the day. As always, thank you for watching. Like, share, comment below, let me know what you think and the sharing is the part I can really use with Stop Doing Nothing. That’s how I spread the message. That’s how I make you better and that’s how I make other people better. Go on one of the websites, stopdoingnothing.com, watch the videos on YouTube, listen to the podcast and apply fervor in whatever you do today. I will see you later this week.

Have a great, great week, January’s almost over.

Let’s get into February and kick some ass.


~ Patrick

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