What did you accomplish this week?

>???????? the type of person who wants to constantly better myself. One of the area I am focusing on is physically. This week I have taken some major steps to get on track with my weightlifting. I am not attempting to break any records in this world. But I do want to get on a program of consistent progress to achieve a fixed measurable goal. My thought process on this is in line with how you should be approaching all of your goals:

1. Plan out the steps in detail
2. Every day/week take that step
3. Did you take that step? If so celebrate the accomplishment and start focusing on the next step.

This is the only way in life you will get anywhere. It does not matter what you want to improve on or what area of your life you want to improve in. Financially, Spiritually, Physically, etc. The path is always the same.

Did you take any steps this week? Today? This morning? If so I’d love to hear about them. Your steps and your progress will help the rest of the people reading this blog to take their first steps. Those first steps are always the hardest. But once you get rolling it is hard to step.

Have a great weekend. Make sure you leave a comment below with what you accomplished this week.

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