Can you please help me with something? Because I am completely ignorant on this. It is a little political, but not too much. Obviously, I’m a black person, if you haven’t noticed. I noticed just a couple of years ago. And of course, we know that racism of any particular point or any particular kind is good, or even sexism or ageism, all that stuff is bad. 

So if that’s so bad, why are we so okay with judging people by their political party? And this is one of those things where I think political parties have really divided us. 

But if it’s not okay to judge me by looking at something external and knowing one attribute about me that I’m black, why is it okay to look at a Democrat and say, oh, that person’s an or Republican and say, that person’s a person? 

Why can’t we just, you know, take a second and learn about them like you would learn about me versus instantly trying to. I want to know. Please share with me why that’s okay, but racism isn’t okay.

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