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Is your body getting better or getting worse?


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Over the past two months I’ve taken up jogging, ran my first 5k, and started taking better care of myself physically. If you are interested you can see my log and progress over at DailyMile. Create an account and friend me there if you’d like an occasional motivational kick in the butt.

It is hard. Life makes it hard. The pace of life and the easy choices that are thrown at us make it so easy to just sit on our butt and let them  grow. But I feel so good when eat healthy and when I exercise that I am going to keep at it. All that being said I did give blood today and was running behind and on an empty stomach. So I did stop at McDonald’s at get an Angus Mushroom Swiss Burger. I am not going to lie – it was good. Oh it was amazing, and I washed it down with two milks. But that red meat (or red meat like substance) will probably be on my bones for weeks to come. And who knows – I might have shortened by life by a few minutes or days. It is the price I am going to pay for my lack of planning to ensure I had the right food choices available to me.

I am of the belief that every moment you are alive you are getting stronger and healthier, or you are getting weaker and more unhealthy. Which mode are you in right now with your life? Which mode makes you more happy? The answer is pretty easy: If you are doing any kind of regular exercise program then you are taking care of your body and making yourself stronger. No exercise? Hello heart disease, poor health, cellulite, and doctor’s visits. Health eating is not good enough. You have to combine that with some kind of regular rigorous physical activity. You need to take your body outside of it’s comfort zone and make it work. Enough of this talking BS. Move something.

This weekend there is a  500m/5k event down at our new Oklahoma City Riversport complex. If you are local please consider dropping the $35 to join us. It is a small price to pay for the benefits you will gain. If you are not local to Oklahoma City  find something this weekend in your city that will challenge you. Start simple – walk a mile in the park or around your neighborhood. Then come back to your DailyMile account and log it for me to see. If you don’t like to run then please – just do something. Stop doing nothing!

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