How You Should Feel at the End

Do you ever reflect on the past ? At some point all of us do. That is the reality of learning from mistakes and growing. But at some point you are going to be old and gray. You are going to have the chance to retire, sit around, and reflect on the amazing life you lived. You will be able to look back and smile about the people you met, the friends you made, and the experiences you took in.

Think about that day right now. How will you reflect on your life? Are you taking the right actions now so you will be happy on that day?

Keep those last days of reflection in mind as you make your way through THIS day. If you are not doing the things that will make you proud, then stop what you ARE doing that is taking you in the wrong direction. Just stop. It is probably making you miserable. Nobody deserves to live a life like that.

I could be wrong but I think this should be the summary of a life:

Live Every Day Awesome
Live Every Day Awesome

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