Will you ever be as happy as this man?


I was lucky enough to find the site of Ronald Jenkees. He is a musician that produces some really great upbeat music. His home is at http://ronaldjenkees.com/and his YouTube channel is at http://www.youtube.com/ronaldjenkees . His music just amazes me and I find it very uplifting.

But the thing you should really focus on in his videos and in some of his writing is how happy he is. He absolutely loves what he is doing. He is not doing it to be popular, famous or make a lot of money. It just makes him feel good. And when you see someone doing something that makes them feel good it tends to make you feel good also. That is what I get out of watching him play, and that is what I hope you get also.

So… have you ever been as happy as this man? Will you ever be? If you are not happy right now then what are you doing to get onto the right path? Are you doing anything?

If not… then StopDoingNothing. Get to it.

But before that go enjoy JamMaster Jenkees.

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