How to become obsession with perfection …

I’m going to share a key lesson that extremely high achievers live by.

This is not for the faint of heart. This is not for people that wish and dream for success in their life. It is for the people that are so frustrated with their situation that they could scream.

Have you ever felt like that? Have you ever been so pissed off at yourself because you can see other people doing better things than you. But you know in your heart that they are not more intelligent than you? 

You know just as much (if not more) as they do. But they are doing amazing things with their life while you are stuck in a dead-end life or a dead-end job?

I know the feeling. It is the entire reason I started this StopDoingNothing High Achiever website. Everything I write is just a reflection of me and the frustration I have with myself.

If the description of the frustration above sounds like you then there is only one solution. Like most things, success is not complicated. We’ve made it complicated with the thousands of personal development experts that the world has created. If you want to read a book on how to become better, you can spend hours shopping on Amazon or browsing the shelves at Barnes & Noble. It’s likely that your reading list will never stop because people are still developing books every day. As soon as you finish one, another one is on the shelf. It seems everybody knows the secret to success. 

(FYI … One of the secrets of success is to write a book on the secret of success and make your millions off that.)

Well, I’m going to throw my secret into the hat with everybody else. Are you ready?

You need to learn one word. OBSESSED. In my mind if personal development had to be summarized into one word it would be OBSESSED.

“OK Patrick. Become OBSESSED with something. That sounds great to me. But what does that mean? What does one become OBSESSED about?”

Here is a quick list. And after reading a lot of personal development books, I’ve learned that many experts have similar obsessions as mine.

  1. Become obsessed with your health and everything you eat. Energy and health is key in all endeavors. This is non optional. If you want to travel more, have your dream job, or make a million bucks you are going to need the energy to work hard and smart. It stars with what crossed your lips every day. 

  2. Become obsessed with your own happiness. You are the only one that can and will ever do this. 

  3. Become obsessed with leaving this world better with everything you do and after you depart. It is the only reason for living. The bonus here is that when you can help other people getter better, you can get rich in the process. People will pay well for shortcuts that help them improve their life. 

  4. Become obsessed with being tolerant and listening to other people. When you are more flexible you can work with more people. It also helps you get past the small problems in the world and help solve the big ones. 

  5. Become obsessed with generating an income and building a lifestyle to give you the most choices possible. There is nothing wrong with wanting more money. We tend to vilify people that want to be reach. But when your income hits a certain level, you can stop worrying about income and focus more on your outcome. 

How do you become obsessed with something?

Here is the list I’ve used over the years that have allowed me to get incredibly focused and obsessed.

  1. Find a room where you spend a lot of time. Print out images of your (healthy) obsession and put it on the walls. It needs to be in front of your eyes as much as possible.

  2. Change the background images on your phone, tablet, and computer to an image of your obsession.

  3. Eliminate most of your television watching. Only turn on your TV or Netflix to watched planned movies. Do not watch the news.

  4. Do an inventory of your social circle. Find people that are unhealthy for your mental health. Eliminate them from your life or strictly limit your interactions with them. Replace them with high achievers. Even if you don’t consider yourself a high achiever … yet.

  5. Become very strict and obsessed with a calendar. Plan your time in detail from the moment you wake up until the moment you sleep.

  6. Treat your days off as just two more days to work on your goals. Don’t sleep in or lay around on your days off.

  7. Don’t let anything pass over your lips that is not healthy for you.

You may be thinking that someone that does these things is bit odd. And you’d be correct. Accomplishing big things with your life means you cannot think and act like everybody else. Get comfortable with being an obsessed oddball. It’s the only way to get anything worthwhile done.

You become obsessed with something when you focus on it so hard that you eliminate all distractions in pursuit of your obsession. Follow the tips above and you are well on your way to accomplishing any goal or achievement you set for yourself.

Bonus: How obsession can make you a $%^& ton of money.

Did you know that the entrepreneurs in the world that make the most money are focused on obsessed on fixing a SINGLE problem? Whether it is Apple, Amazon or a much small company you’ll find that when the owner of that organization OBSESSED over providing a value to the market, their income grew while their competitors fell. 

Too often entrepreneurs fall into this mindset: “I’m going to have the best product for the lowest price”. They also think that they can fix many problems or fix a single problem but fix it for everybody. That is a good way to go broke. 

The real way to make a ton of money as an entrepreneur: Fix one problem for one type of person. And charge well for it.