November 8, 2012

3 Ways To Start A Killer Day – Part 3 Of 3

A great way to start the morning is be refreshed and relaxed. Once the alarm goes off it is too late to do anything about. You are either going to be bouncing out of bed ready to attack the day or cursing that medieval torture machine that woke you up because you are exhausted.

The best way to resolve this issue and not leave your morning mood to fate is simple: pick a respectable hour to go to bed and stick to it. This is going to vary from person to person. But if you are conducting your life according to our previous recommendations you will need plenty of sleep to recover. By conducting your life well, I am referring to regular, vigorous exercise and getting up very early (see one of our previous posts). After you pick the time, you are going to hit the pillow put it on your calendar with a two hour and one hour reminder. And when the time arrives stop what you are doing and get into bed. Don’t waste time doing one last thing in front of the computer and stop flipping channels. It will all be there in the morning. I have found that 10:30 is my bedtime sweet spot. If I can hit the hay then, get up at 5:30, and get my 32oz of water then I received all the rest I needed.

So, experiment with your sleep schedule. But once you find a time stick to it. Don’t make it optional. You need all the sleep you can muster because you are going to continue to do great things the next morning. Bonus tip: This applies on the weekends. Most people make the habit of thinking since it is Friday or Saturday night the rules don’t apply. Feel free to break the rules on occasion. But if you are home, keep to your schedule.

Stick to a consistent sleep schedule. Your body will thank you by giving you plenty of vigor in the morning.

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