Are someone who’s getting ready to start something really big and hard and difficult in your life. You need to stop and read this. Okay? 

Most people that start big, hard things quit. If you’re gonna start, like, a five day walking routine, most people just think about it, never do it. 80% of the people won’t do anything. 20% of the people will get started, and then of that 20%, only 20% of people will do it for two days, and then of that 20%, et cetera, to three days, four days, five days. And this is true in just about anything in life. The percentages, obviously, are not always 80 20, but the majority of people will not do the things that 20% will do. 

So if you’re getting ready to start something really hard, just keep at it day by day. 

Every single day, every single step you take, every single dollar you make. You are a little bit ahead of the you from yesterday who didn’t want to do it, and you’re a little bit ahead of the people that didn’t want to put in the hard work. 

Success. The bar for success is really low.

Aspire to be a better version of yourself than you were yesterday.

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