May 23, 2024

Want To Experience Life More Fully? Here Is One Way I Do It.

If you want to get more out of human experience, then keep reading. 

This is a very important tip. Okay, first of all, number one, we got to just not get too stuck in the mundane, repetitive work. But also, life is not always great and grand. And I’m sure I mentioned this on video before, sometimes just sucks, you know? Sometimes you don’t get the job you want, you don’t get the promotion you want. 

Your spouse, your friend, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your best friend doesn’t do what you want. When that happens, a lot of people will repress their emotions. I am of the opinion that you need to experience all of the human emotions. So happiness, joy, being thrilled, but also being pissed off, being angry, being frustrated, being just, you know, sometimes in a rage. 

And you obviously learn to control these things and put the energy in the right place, like the gym or walking. But just don’t forget to experience the full range of human emotions. 

They’re called human emotions for a reason. 

They make us human.

Aspire to be a better version of yourself than you were yesterday.

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