We make way too many bad life choices and business choices based on our opinion. Our opinion is an emotional thought inside of our head. It’s what we want, wish, and desire sometimes. But you know how often our opinions are wrong? All the time. 

My opinions are wrong probably on an hourly basis. What is right is the results I get, and what is right is the people that want to buy things from me and my business and the people that want to buy things from you and your business. So you may have a business idea. You may wake up Saturday morning and think, I have an amazing business idea. I’m going to sell this thing. I’m going to make a million dollars. 

Your opinion doesn’t matter in the least until you’ve tested it and you’ve talked to people and see if they actually want to buy that thing. Same with fitness. You may want to do 100 jumping jacks, but if they’re not serving you, they’re a waste of time. Just more data, less opinions.

Aspire to be a better version of yourself than you were yesterday.

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