StopBeingPoor: The NUMBER ONE thing you can do right now to start saving money

This is incredibly easy and I might get comments about how incredibly dumb this is. But the odds that you are not doing it right now. But I challenge you to do it BEFORE you leave my site.

1. Log into your online bank account. You can access your checking and savings account online right?

2. Go to payments and set up a regularly scheduled payment to your savings account every week for some amount. $10 – $20. $50. Mine is set up for $200.

3. Logoff.

Yes – that is it. Incredibly simple but amazingly effective. So simple that I bet you have not done it yet. You will get to it later correct? No you won’t. So do it now. If you are in a tabbed browser open a new tab and do it now.

Or you can wait and regret it. Your choice… and it is a CHOICE.

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