July 23, 2007

StopBeingPoor: The NUMBER ONE Thing You Can Do Right Now To Start Saving Money

This is incredibly easy, and I might get comments about how incredibly dumb this is. But the odds that you are not doing it right now. But I challenge you to do it BEFORE you leave my site.

  • Log into your online bank account. You can access your checking and savings account online right?
  • Go to payments and set up a regularly scheduled payment to your savings account every week for some amount. $10 - $20. $50. Mine is set up for $200.
  • Logoff. Yes - that is it. Incredibly simple but amazingly effective. So simple that I bet you have not done it yet. You will get to it later, correct? No, you won't. So do it now. If you are in a tabbed browser open a new tab and do it now. Or you can wait and regret it.

Your choice ... and it is a CHOICE.

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Remember, action is the great thing that separates the average from the great.



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