November 23, 2020

SDN EP: 108 – How to Get Rich (Part 1)

On the Stop Doing Nothing podcast, you will discover how to get business and life results using the most straightforward methods possible. This podcast aimed at high-achievers who possess a rare burning desire to see above the fog of life and create a better world for themselves and those around them. Great coaching is the secret of all successful people. They don't teach you this in business school. In this episode, learn how you can get rich. 

Key areas we covered in this episode: 

  • The truth that acquiring wealth doesn’t have to take over fifty years. You can make it happen sooner with the right strategies in mind.
  • How you can make money with affiliate marketing and track your results when someone clicks your affiliate link. 
  • Learn the essence of diversifying your profits through marketing, whether it's spending a couple of hours every day on the phone prospecting with someone or running Facebook ads to lead generation pages to get people in the door.
  • Get empowered to bring an overwhelming amount of value to every conversation with your clients. Don't just try to make a quick buck.
  • Double or triple your programs. Often, people make the decision or make a judgment of how serious your program is based on your pricing. Blow your clients away through your top-level programs!

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