September 14, 2020

SDN EP: 101 – Women Choose Wealth With Olympia Hostler

“Men and women have historically been raised differently.” 
 Patrick Allmond (02:24-02:26)

In my years of experience in the business world, I have proven that dwelling on negative thoughts can block your success in manifesting wealth. Let’s forget about all the reasons why it won’t work, regardless of your gender or status in life. Instead, let’s focus on the possibilities. In this week’s show, we’re going to talk about Women Choose Wealth with my guest Olympia Hostler.

Part One of ‘Women Choose Wealth with Olympia Hostler’

Olympia Hostler is known as the big money strategist and CEO's trusted growth expert, unshackling business owners to SCALE their companies and fast forward their success without working harder or longer on their fastest path to freedom of time & money!

Olympia’s great passion is to help other highly intelligent, ambitious, and intentional women substitute the joys of wealth, traveling and giving back for the relentless treadmill of joyless hard work. She lives at the beach in Southern California and takes many vacations every year. She loves spending her priceless time with family and friends.

She has plenty of time and resources to help her aging dad with health issues, plan for retirement, take care of personal affairs, and contribute to the causes that matter most to her. In addition to her plentiful time and resources, she gets to treasure her vibrant health, energy, and peace.

“We normally hear about the fear of failure. But others experience fear of success secretly!”
- Olympia Hostler (05:50-05:55)

Men and women have been raised differently. But Olympia shares a unique perspective that even if a lot of women are afraid of money, there are ways to remove the money blocks from getting in your way. The common money blocks that some people have are — the feeling of not being good enough, the feeling of being unworthy, fear of success, and failure.

We all want money beyond wealth reasons. Does it allow you to have the lifestyle you want, have a meaningful life, spend more time with your kids, go on vacation, give back, and impact the planet? So, it boils down to having a healthy relationship with money, so you can reap the benefits and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Making a lot of money doesn’t always mean you have to work longer hours. The concept is to make more money and work less. Once the blocks are gone, money is just going to flow into you at a much faster and a more significant rate.

Part Two of ‘Women Choose Wealth with Olympia Hostler’

Olympia Hostler is also the Founder and Director of The Lasting Pain Relief Center. She had tried every type of doctor, every alternative, and traditional therapy that she could find – none of them worked to alleviate her pain. The MRIs, X-ray, and CT scan found nothing.

The mission of all of their highly-skilled therapists at The Lasting Pain Relief Center is to help people heal and return to a pain-free, active life. They have been in business for over 15 years, and many of their therapists have 20-35 years of experience helping people heal and recover from a variety of ailments.

If you have unresolved, undiagnosed, or misdiagnosed issues, and cannot find relief in other modalities, pills, or surgeries, here's an interesting story that can give you a better perspective.

“The world is full of possibilities.” -  Olympia Hostler (30:48-30:50)

There was a guy in New York City who called regarding the services that she offers, and she told him the price. The guy said, “I can go to Chinatown and get a massage for $40!” And because Olympia is confident about what value she can bring to the table, the caller ended up admitting that she has the long-term solution he’s looking for.

He asked him questions like, “How many times have you paid $40 in Chinatown? How better did you get after visiting Chinatown?” That means he’s going to spend a lifetime of forty-dollars or pay for a better service that guarantees excellent results. 

See how far along you are on the path to creating more wealth, more easily, and living your life on purpose with passion as you bring your dreams to life every day. You can complete My Money Blocks Quiz. Each section represents an essential element for creating the results you are wanting.

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