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Video: Finding your Search Engine Optimization Mojo

Another great video in our weekly Thursday Marketing Mojo Series. Here we cover the first steps you need to be taking to become a Search Engine Optimization ninja. After you are done watching scroll

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Video: How to Stop Wasting Time Marketing Online

If you don’t follow a structured, organized system for traffic and lead generation, you are flushing your time and money down the drain. In this video we cover some of the key things you need to

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Video: Are you missing free opportunities every month?

I was a speaker at the annual Langston University Business Networking conference in June 2011. My main focus for this presentation was the financial importance of having a website and how it can affect

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New Video: The one where I give away stuff

So here it is Friday after noon right before Memorial Day weekend and I realize I have not made a video for awhile. What a weasel I am. I love making the videos, and I get great feedback on them. But I’ve

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Video: Dominating The Online World as an Artist

Here is presentation I did in early April for a group of artists in Oklahoma City about Online Marketing and Social Media. You’ll have to forgive the following flaws: The camera was not back far

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