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It's about time

It’s about time!

Isn’t it about time for you to take the steps to change your life? Who cares what happened yesterday or last year. What is stopping you today?

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care less

To Do More, You Have to Care Less

I want you to repeat a new phrase with me “I choose not to care”. I use that phrase whenever there is a discussion that I am involved with and the outcome is good either way with me. I’ll let somebody else care. As long as somebody cares about each issue, the issue will get covered.

We have a limited amount of time, a limited amount of energy, and a limited amount of emotions. Chooses your battles wisely. Fight for the important reasons, not the cosmetic or ego-based ones.

Say “I choose not to care” more.

What do you think? I’d like your comments below.

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Your Habits Directly Affect Your Success

StopDoingNothing Podcast 1: Time Management for Top Performers

The episode where we cover three of the time management tips that top performers use every day to get more accomplished. Listen and learn.

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