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Show 15 - Is Social Media A Waste Of Time?

SDN015: How To Stop Wasting Time On Social Media

I live online. And I am highly engaged in the world of social media. Sometimes it is the first thing I check in the morning for new communications, and the last thing I check at night to see if there has been any new activity in my private groups. If I’m not careful I could easily spend a full day participating in discussions on private Facebook groups. In this podcast I talk about how to be sure that your time is managed well while you are online. If you are running a business and trying to find balance in your world, then this is a great episode to listen to.

Listen to the podcast. Watch the video. And then share your thoughts with me in the comments.

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Fixed-Schedule Productivity

Fixed-Schedule Productivity: The Best Way To Build Your Ideal Schedule

What is Fixed-Schedule Productivity?

There are some people that define this as a complicated time management process. However once you understand the basic concepts it is the easiest and most fulfilling way to manage your life.

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How To Waste Away Your Soul

How to Waste Months of Your Life, 5 Minutes at a Time

Good morning/afternoon/evening high achievers. I am sure you have heard me talk about being hyper-aware of your time. Here is something I want you to be aware of as you get more focused on your perfect day.

There are places on the internet specifically created to keep your attention and waste your time. These places are filled with funny pictures and lists, and are saturated with ads. The long they keep you on the website, the better the chance of you clicking on an ad. Some of these sites are Buzzfeed, TMZ, Upworthy, etc.

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Three Success Factors

The Three Three Crucial Success Assets That You Have To Manage

If you desire to live at a higher level you need to become disciplined in three areas of your life: Attention management, energy management and time management.

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Three Things Every Entrepreneur Should Ask Themselves Every Hour

Entrepreneurs – Always be asking yourself the following questions:

  1. Is my current activity one that is moving my business forward or growing my visibility ?
  2. Am I being productive or am I screwing around ?
  3. How much do I plan to market this week ?

There are many things to look at when it comes to running your business. But the three above help keep me focused and stop me from screwing around (too much) . Lack of focus has severely hurt my business in the past, so I can speak from a place of experience. If you don’t smack yourself on the side of the head every now and then, you’ll get into the downward spiral of busy but not productive. Fight that. Fight it hard. You are an entrepreneur. It is your job to create a kickass business. It is your job to put food on the table and provide for your family. You can’t do that by screwing around.

A. Move forward. B. Be productive. C. Market a lot. That is how we succeed.

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Want to more productive? Sleep less

I’m always looking for extra hours. This is how I found them.

If you have a Monday through Friday job then you already know how restricted your time is during the week. Your mornings are spent getting out the door so you can be at work at your desk by 8 am. Your evenings are spent as a caretaker to your family. Your nights are spent grabbing a couple of minutes of personal time while you get off your feet because you have spent your day giving of yourself to others. But when do you find time to work on that BAHG (Big Arse Hair Goal) that lives as a spark in your belly?

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How High Achievers Think

Five Things High Achievers Do That You Need To Start Doing

High achievers have habits and leave clues that others should pay attention to. Listen to history. Learn these habits. Success will then be well within your reach.

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It's Your Turn In Life

Nobody is more interested in your happiness than you. Start living intentionally.

Take a moment and think about how your day unfolds every day. What actions are you taking from the moment you wake up until you lay your head on your pillow at night. If it is anything like most people your day probably goes on autopilot and looks something like this:

  • Get up to alarm. Dread throwing off the covers
  • Clean up, eat, help get the family out the door, get out the door yourself
  • Work through a series of tasks and appointments pushed at you by your job
  • Watch the clock and get happy when the end of the day has arrived
  • Head home. Decompress. Eat. Fit in some personal time
  • Sleep

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Simple Time Hack

A Simple Time Management Hack You Can Implement Right Now

We talk a lot about time management in this crazy world of ours. “There is a never enough time to get done what we want to get done”. Our calendars are stacked with appointments from 6am until 6pm, and sometimes they are double-stacked. If your day goes as planned you will be only mildy behind compared to where you started the day – way behind.

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The Art of Mediation

Meditation: It’s not just for the gurus

Set aside time today for quiet reflection. Take a pad of paper, a writing instrument, and find a quiet place in your residence . Sit with your eyes closed and focus on your thoughts. What is making you happy, what makes you deeply unhappy , and where do you want to be in a year.

When you think about the unhappy places in your life, look for solutions. You will have to change your attitude, or change the situation. But don’t accept the unhappiness. Nobody deserves sorrow.

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It's about time

It’s about time!

Isn’t it about time for you to take the steps to change your life? Who cares what happened yesterday or last year. What is stopping you today?

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