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ONE of these days you'll get tired of your own excuses and get it together. I hope today is that day.

The Next 60 Seconds

You want to know who is great at making excuses? ME. As much as I kick other people in the butt I’ve got my own demons riding on my back. Every day I have a war in my head of fighting what is practical and not fun with what is fun but harder to accomplish. I take the easy, less-than-happy way out more often that I’d like to admit. I deal with the remorse and then hope I get the chance to make the happier choice tomm. But the happier choices are also happening more frequently.

I am sure you have this riding on your back. There is that “thing” out there that you want to do. It’s fun. It’s exciting. And you know you can build an income and a lifestyle around it. But there is also that doubt in the back of your head. Or maybe there is no doubt. Maybe everything else just gets higher priority. Family, jobs, parents, the yard, the dog, the bills. Everything else takes up all of your damn time and there is nothing left to pursue the dream.

I’ve been there. And I’m still there several times a week.

It all comes down to decisions. Every minute you have to decide what is more important. If you decide to take the easy less than happy way out, then you’ve lost that minute. Try again the next minute. And the next and the the next after that.

But remember that your minutes are running out. Those minutes are going to turn into hours. And then days, weeks and months. Time doesn’t disappear all at once. It happens in the seconds and minutes that we waste on the less-than-happy bullshit that comes our way.

OK. You’ve consumes the past 60 seconds with this. Now what are you going to do with the next 60 seconds. And the next. And then the next.

You get that choice.

StopDoingNothing. Love – Patrick

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Time Lost Cannot Be Regained

Thirteen Jacked Up Things That Are Pissing Away Your Life

This morning I was thinking about my constant effort to improve my productivity and energy management. The world is fighting against people that want to be productive, smart, efficient and ambitious. You have to always be on your toes and proactively plan your life so life doesn’t take control of you. This post (like so many others) was written partially as a reminder to myself about the bad habits of the past that have killed my goals in life. I hope it opens your eyes and helps guide you towards the light of happiness.

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Video: Power of Obsessions

Transcription for your reading pleasure.

Hello my friends. It’s Patrick Allmond from It’s probably been a while since you’ve listened to a podcast or seen a video because I’ve been screwing around. I have been doing plenty of stuff, but not taking care of you the viewers and the listeners at the Stop Doing Nothing podcast and on the Stop Doing Nothing page. I am working hard to remedy that. I know as much as my website preaches about not doing nothing, I have been slacking a little bit on that but it’s not because I’ve been sitting around doing nothing, it’s because I’ve been sitting around growing my agency by leaps and bounds. Business is great, but I’ve abused this which is a real passion project for me in an area where I really want to help people. Please accept my apologies for those of you that listen to the podcast and watch the video, and by the way if you are on one right now, be sure you subscribe to the other. If you listen to this on the podcast, go subscribe on YouTube, and if you are subscribed on YouTube watching this, you can go subscribe over on iTunes.

For those of you who are first time listeners, first time watchers, let’s really recap again a little bit about me and a little bit about Stop Doing Nothing. Like I said my name is Patrick Allmond. I run a digital marketing agency here in Oklahoma City, and I started Stop Doing Nothing a while back as a project to help me motivate myself, but to also externally share the information that motivates me. Different people get motivated different ways, different people are coached different ways, and I tend to be more of the aggressive, ambitious, go, go, go type, don’t stop, work a long hard twelve hours before I take a break type. I wanted to share my thoughts on how to work like that with other people like that. There’s a lot of different ways, like I said, people can get motivated. Some people are motivated by a soft, fluffy, bunny foo-foo stuff. That is not me. I’m going to come out you at 90 miles an hour, and if you’re not doing what you should be doing, you’re going to find me really getting on your case about it.

After a while if I get on your case about something when it comes to coaching or whatever, and you’re not doing it, or you don’t want to do it, then I’m just going to walk away because you obviously don’t want to put in the time and effort. Those kind of people, those are the kind of people that the podcast and the video is for, is people like being highly productive. I like to call them high achievers, extreme high achievers. You don’t mind working seven days a week for spurts at a time because it just helps you get done. You don’t mind blowing through obstacles, you’re the kind of person who always sees that there is a way around, over, under any kind of obstacle. Those are the kind of people that I like to work with. That’s who this video is for, that’s who this podcast is for, so again for you first time listeners and watchers, welcome, welcome very much.

Like I said I haven’t been sitting around doing nothing. Couple businesses doing great, now it’s time to get back into taking care of Stop Doing Nothing. As you see, you probably see a bizarre pink wall behind me and some patchwork going on. We’re doing some remodeling here. That was one of my many excuses for not getting a video out to you and a podcast out to you. I was looking for the perfect environment, the perfect background, the perfect soundproof room, and you know what? It’s coming. It will get there, but done is better than perfect and you probably hear me say that a lot. That done is so much better than perfect. If you’re the kind of person who’s waiting to get something done, like a podcast, like a video series, man just get on the ball. Quit sitting on your hands, quit screwing around, and get started on it.

I apologize if the room isn’t perfect, and yes it is a bright pink or purple background, but hey, deal with it, okay? Just so you know we are based in Oklahoma City and we are going to be doing these weekly and there’s a huge fan page out there. It’s under the name Patrick Allmond and you can find me on TwiCer also at

Today I thought I would talk to you about one of the more popular blog posts on the website recently,, for you avid readers. The most popular blog post over on over the past, oh I don’t know, thirty days, sixty days, and ninety days, is one called How To Become Obsessed With Something. How to become obsessed with something, so we’re going to focus on that word obsessed today, and kind of clarify what it means for me, and I’d like to hear your feedback also about what it means to you. As I’ve become more mature in the world, I’ve learned that when I really want to get things done, it takes an insane amount of obsession. I’ve tried over the years to, whether it’s exercise, let’s speak about that topic of exercise. I’ve tried casually going to the gym, and maybe doing some walking here and some running there, and maybe do one week on and one week off, or do a day and skip four days. I’ve tried that. Oh it’s really cool, you can’t hear it, but there’s an airplane flying overhead. I’m a big aviation fan and a pilot and whenever an airplane flies overhead, man I am in love.

Anyway, getting back to the word obsession, I’ve just tried various levels of dedication when it comes to getting tasks done, and the only way I have learned is to become kind of obsessively consumed with accomplishing a particular task, a particular goal. That is not easy, and that’s getting harder and harder every single day with being a business owner, and the number of things you have to pay attention to. Oftentimes I take care of my own social media, take care of my own e-mail marketing, I take care of all my own video work. There’s so many things right now that I do myself as a business owner that are keeping me from being obsessed on certain things. The last video I made, one of the things I’ve really been working on is getting things off of my plate. Literally, for fitness reasons, and figuratively. I’m slowly handing out the tasks in my company that I don’t have to be directly involved with to other people who are smarter than me.

That’s kind of a self-realization that’s happened recently is a lot of things that I’m doing that are keeping me from getting obsessed, I’m not very good at. There are smarter people than me, and my ego’s going to have to deal with it, but there are smarter people than me that know how to do some of the things that I want to do. There are some things I’m really good at. I’m really good at meeting with clients. I’m really good at closing business. I’m really good at finding new business. I have no problem with that. But there are some other things when it comes to running the business that I am not great at, and so what I’m doing is getting obsessed about those things that I am great at, and slowly shuffling away, pushing away those things I am not that great at.

In your life, this is my challenge to you, after you watch this particular video is become that person that’s somewhat obsessed. I’m not talking about the sick kind of obsessed. I mean be willing to set the standard for your life, and for your business at a very, very high level. Not just some of this mediocre low end stuff. Be willing to do things like put aside social activities, or put aside maybe eating certain things, or maybe working a few more hours here and there, and a few more days here and there. If you’ve seen some of my previous blog posts and videos, you know that I really don’t mind working seven days a week. Especially on the stuff I like. There are plenty of times where I’ll go to the gym on Saturdays and the gym on Sundays also, because I’m becoming that obsessed with my fitness.

I don’t think it’s kind of a sickness in the head thing, I think it’s because there’s so much that I want to do when it comes to life, and to my body, and just being healthy and things like that, and I’m realizing every single day that I have a finite number of days leP, and a finite number of hours. I don’t have cancer or anything but all of us are going to die at some point. We all have a stop date. That’s something we can’t fight. When you put off stuff for an hour or a minute, or a day, that may be that one hour, that one minute, or that one day sometimes for that thing that your really wanted to do when you will lose the opportunity to do that. That scares me, and so again, I’m the kind of person that’s becoming obsessed with the things I want to do, the things that bring me joy, the things that allow me to help more people, like Stop Doing Nothing. This really juices me.

There are people I have internationally which like the videos I put up, and like the podcast, and a lady the other day, Chloe, what did you put on your vision board. Someone, Chloe, put on her vision board that her goal was to meet me, and I’m like, “Wow, that is a heavy responsibility.” I want to do more of that type of stuff. Now, in my mind, I know I’m going to have to meet her someday because she put that on that vision board, and I want to make her vision and her goals and her dreams come true. That’s a huge responsibility. But it’s something I have fun doing. I have fun talking. I don’t have fun writing, I’m not a good blogger, but I have fun talking. I have fun podcasting, and I want to do more of that, so I’m becoming more obsessed with those things, and less obsessed with the things that just don’t make a difference. I would encourage you to do that also. But as you can tell I feel pretty passionate about this project, so you’re going to see me talk more about that as we better the video series, and better the podcast.

That’s all I’m going to talk about about the word obsession. Get obsessed, if you haven’t done so yet, go read that blog post over on the website. If you go to it right now, I’m at the website, there’s a secKon down the middle of homepage which is called viral videos, and right now it’s in the upper leP hand corner. It says become obsessed with something. That has been an insanely popular blog post. Of course you can always find it over on TwiCer, YouTube, and Facebook and read about that same blog post there.

Enough about that. What else I wanted to talk to you about today? Book recommendations. I’m slowly culling down the number of books I have but that does not mean I’m reading less. I’m going to start recommending books to you because that’s when I really get smarter. I get smarter hanging around with other people. I get smarter listening to other people speak and going to conferences, but once I pick up a book and read certain chapters over and over, it really kicks me in the butt. My latest book that I have read, I have actually read through once and I’m going through it on my second time, is this book right here by a friend of mine. A gentleman who I personally consider a friend of mine right now called Dan Meredith. And yes, the book is How To Be F*cking Awesome. It’s a very easy read. That’s the thing I liked about it. It’s simple. Most complicated topics are really simple when you break them down. 184 pages right here.

The chapters are things like, let me see one of the chapters here just so you know when you’re getting into this, Be Selfish, Be Shameless, Be Weird, Be Brutally Honest, Be Valuable, Be Interesting, Be Spiteful, Be Productive, Be Around Like Minded People, Be Relentless, and Be Nice. This is going to be like no other book that you’ve ever read. Dan is a very raw person, a very real person, a very transparent person, and if you’re looking for that extra kick in the butt, like you are looking from and I don’t have a book, I would go pick this one up from Amazon. I think it was $20 on Amazon from Rethink Press. I love this book so much that I’ve actually started buying copies of this book and giving it out to friends as gifts. I mean it’s just an insanely, insanely great book.

Going forward for Stop Doing Nothing, you’re going to see we’re talking about more books, but what I really want to do is gear this show toward what your needs are, and how I can help you with my forty some odd years of life and business experience. This is what I need you to do. Leave a comment someplace, and if you don’t want to do that, I’ve got another option for you. Go subscribe on YouTube, go subscribe on iTunes, to subscribe on Facebook, and either send me a PM, a private message if you don’t want me to bring up your name when it comes to the topic, or just leave a comment on the videos and subscribe and tell me what topics you would like me to cover about business and life. What’s holding you back from greatness? What is keeping you from being obsessed?

If you’re only mediocrely or somewhat interested in a topic, let me know what that topic is, and I might be able to help you transition to becoming obsessed about it, either through I’m making of the videos for you, answering Q&A, or maybe we could possibly get into some coaching sessions, or maybe they’ll be some products or books where I can refer you, mine and others, that can help you be a better person in life, and become more obsessed with your success and turn you into more of a high achiever. Because that’s really important to me as I want to see you function at the highest level, whether it be physically, psychologically, mentally, spiritually, or in your relationship, I want those things for you.

Something else that’s just really cool, if you don’t want to send those questions on social media, you can take out your phone right now for the U.S. watchers, and text me questions to 405-251-2022. 405-251-2022. That number comes, that’s not my cell phone directly, but it does come to my cell phone, and I will get those. I will use that as fodder to answer future questions on the show. Again, 405-251-2022. For our international listeners and watchers, I apologize, I do not have an international number but if you know me on Twitter or Facebook, you know how to send me a private message and I will use that in future versions of the show. I’m going to immediately start working on the next version of this show for you, so we keep this consistent, so I eat my own dog food. Remember done is always better than perfect, and so in the next episode you’re going to see me probably pick another topic to talk about, probably have another book recommendation for you, and hopefully I will have some questions from you that I can use as fodder for discussion for between us.

You’re going to see this show progress, get more frequent, we’re going to have guests. I’ve got plenty of great plans for this show, if you just hang with me, stay with me. I promise I will make you a better person and I will make this better for you. One last thing, don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes and leave a show rating. Don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube also and leave me a comment over there. Very important on the YouTube side, and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and send me a private message also. Until the next video and the next podcast, thank you very much for watching. I want you to know that I really have a heartfelt appreciation for those of you that stick through me, through all the talking points, through the entire video, through the entire podcast, and already interact with me online.

I take that very seriously. I take the responsibility very seriously, and I take my mission very seriously. The more I hear back from you, the more, as I heard someone else say this, the more it fills my bucket and the more energetic it makes me to want to do this for you. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will talk to you again soon. Have a great week and a great weekend. Good morning, good evening, or good afternoon depending on where you are watching this in the world and I love all of you and we’ll talk again soon. Take care.

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How To Procrastinate Less

To Procrastinate Less, Start Doing These Five Things

According to this article in the Wall Street Journal, procrastination may not be just a matter of laziness. It may also be related to a deep emotional strategy to avoid stress. That may explain why some people are always behind on projects, appointments, etc. Human beings will do anything to avoid stress – even if it comes at the cost of more stress later.

I personally get very annoyed when I get in a procrastination state because it is self-feeding. If I get behind on a single task or project, I have to delay other tasks to get it completed. It can be a downward spiral that is hard to dig out of.

Check out this list of five things you can do to help you out of that procrastination deathtrap:

  1. Be more precise in your small goals. Most people live in a very general world. They plan to get something done tomorrow, next week, etc. Stop doing that. Pick a very precise time on your calendar and commit to working on ‘that thing’ at that time.
  2. Be willing to live with “done > perfect”. A lot of people I know live in the constant state of getting ready to get ready. They are waiting for the perfect time, perfect amount of money, or perfect set of training before they embark on a new effort. There is no perfect anything. There is “as good as it is right now”. Stop waiting for perfection before attacking a task you want to avoid. If it’s something you don’t know how to do, search online. Someone has likely done it before and has written out step-by-step instructions online that you can follow.
  3. If something is painful, get it done sooner than later. If you keep postponing something you don’t want to do because you find it painful or annoying, realize that it is not going to get LESS painful or annoying the more you put it off. Take control and knock that task out ASAP. It’s better to plan it and plow your way though than to wait for it to become a non-optional emergency. How painful will it be then?
  4. Make it hard to procrastinate. This is especially if you work in front of a computer. Put roadblocks in your way that make you have to work really hard to put off working. There are countless utilities for your computer that can block your time wasting activities on and offline. If you are someone like me who lives a lot online the first thing you should do is install RescueTime. This will help you start measuring the time you are wasting. You can then install different browser plugins that block you visiting time-wasting websites and force you to focus. As I type this right now, I have “StayFocusd” and “Kill Facebook Newsfeed” Chrome extensions installed. The former gives me a limited amount of time on social media, news, viral, and other time-wasting sites each day. The latter blocks me from seeing my general Facebook news feed and allows me to hop in and only check messages specific groups that I want to monitor.
  5. Build in small rewards for small goals. Do you have any BHAGs (Big Hair Arse Goals) ? I know I have several. And they may not happen for five or ten years. When you are strategic in your life and plan for the long-term, you may get discouraged a long the way. I am sure you know that your long-term should be broken down into several short-term goals. Be sure you celebrate the short-term goals. Make a big deal about them. The celebrations will lift your spirits and remind you of the coming BHAG. It’s hard to celebrate BHAG every day when you won’t see it for months or years. But if your goal is to lose 20 pounds and you lose five, make a big about it in your life. Celebrate all successes.

Share your favorite tactic from the five above

Click here to read the original article.

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Changing Jobs - Be Prepared for these pitfalls

Upcoming Job Transition? Don’t Mess Up These Three Areas

On average, we will change jobs 11 times by the time we turn 50 according to the United States Department of Labor. Much of the job-hopping is early in our lives, but even in our forties we change jobs twice.  Going through a job transition can be difficult. There are three areas to plan for during a job transition, Money, Time, and Stress. Every job transition is unique, so the goal of this article is to highlight ideas for you to consider to make your transition as positive as possible.

Plan for the increase (or the decrease) in salary

Everyone knows they should have a budget. I have a budget, but in real life my budget is a guideline, some months are worse than others. When dealing with a job change a budget has to be more than a guideline. If you are in the situation of trying to find a new position, your finances will be stressed. Planning ahead, six months at least, can help prepare you for that transition.

What if you are getting promoted or have found a higher paying position?  You might think Money doesn’t factor in, but it does. If you don’t plan for the increase in pay, you will find yourself wasting money when you could be using that money to benefit your financial goals. Can a debt be paid off sooner? You can save for a future purchase. Having an increase in salary can benefit more than just your monthly take home pay; don’t waste the opportunity.

Factor in the changes to your time/schedule

Every day has exactly the same amount of time; it is our life that is hard to balance in those 24 hours. The two main areas that take up our time are job and family. A job transition will challenge this balance.

Again, you might think having a promotion or moving to a better position has no affect on this dynamic, but it does, especially at the beginning of your new position. There is always a learning curve with a new position. It takes time to get into the groove of a new job. Also, new positions create new expectations to your routine. It might be something as simple as what time you are expected to begin your workday. This changes your routine. Being aware of the time commitment at the beginning of your new position and the other time factors of your job will help in dealing with balancing the rest of your life outside of work.

Be aware of friendship changes… and stress

The other two factors play a role in your stress level. If you plan ahead with for those, it will help keep your stress in check.  But there are other factors that can affect your stress you might not have considered.

One of the great aspects of life is our friendships. A job transition will change these relationships. A promotion may make you the supervisor of your friends. Changing a position will mean developing new relationships, but also it will make sustaining relationships with coworkers from your other position difficult. Your social circle will change with your job.

Our jobs or careers usually reflect our personal goals.  Many times changing a job means we are moving toward achieving our goals. This gives us a boost to handle different challenges because we are accomplishing our dreams. Sometimes, though, a job transition reflects a hurdle to our goals. Or challenges us to reconsider our dreams. This can be a difficult time of self-reflection. A job transition can be a time to evaluate our personal goals.

Preparing for a job transition is important. Each transition is unique, but keeping in mind time, money, and stress will help you make the move easier.

True leader, Husband, Father, Coach & Professor Hamey Bowelhower

Husband, Father, Coach & Professor Jamey Boelhower

Who is Jamey Boelhower

Jamey Boelhower is a husband and a father of six, TIS, coach, and teacher for Sandy Creek high school in Nebraska. He is also an adjunct professor for CCC Hastings. You can read his regular blog “It Is All Connected” by clicking here. And you can follow him on twitter at @jdog90

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ChoicePower is greater than Willpower

Video: Choice Power is Greater Than Willpower

I was able to track down Carrie Wilkerson (@barefoot_exec), author of The Barefoot Executive to get her thoughts on how simple choices affect our lives. Be sure you watch this from beginning to end and take her words about willpower to heart.

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What’s In Your Tool Kit?

I am often asked “What’s In Your Tool Kit”?  What tools do I use in my business to be more productive?

That’s a loaded question because I am a geek and every time something new comes out, I am a first adopter.  I know for most of us that can become very overwhelming.  So here are some of the top  productivity tools in my Tool Kit that I use online to run my business:

1. WiseStamp – (
WiseStamp is a web browser extension, which supports Firefox, Google and Chrome. The WiseStamp strong platform has a variety of Email Apps that allows users to make a better use of their daily emails – adding a whole new level of functionality and interaction. It’s on the end of all my email correspondence.  The free version is great.  It allows you to create a customized email signature that is a great call to action every time you send an email out.

2. Canva – (
Canva gives you everything you need to easily turn ideas into stunning designs. Create designs for Web or print: blog graphics, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers, posters, invitations, business cards and so much more.
Simply search for the best graphics, photos, and fonts, or upload your own. I use Canva to create my blog images, graphics and Social Media.  Canva comes with a lot of free graphics that you can use and customize as well as a host of fee based graphics.  These fee based graphics are a $1/piece so it won’t break the bank if you decide to use them.

3. Jing – (
Jing is a simple way to start sharing images and short videos from your computer screen. Jing gives you the ability to add basic visual elements to your capture sand share them fast. You can capture an image of what you see on your computer screen.  I keep the Jing tool open on my computer.  That way I can grab images or capture a screenshot in a flash.

4. Hangout Magix – (
Hangout Magix gives users options when it comes to Google Hangout graphics. The app is intended to work alongside Hangout Toolbox, a Google+ extension that is available on the left sidebar of Google Hangouts. I make my lower thirds to use on my Internet television show Connecting People, Changing Lives.

5. Dropbox – (
Dropbox is a home for all your photos, docs, videos, and files. Anything you add to Dropbox will automatically show up on all your computers, mobile devices and even the Dropbox website — so you can access your stuff from anywhere. Can’t live without this one.  Great to know that wherever I am, I can access my important files.

6. vCita – (
Getting people’s attention and engagement is only part of marketing and growing your business. You must get them to take ACTION to close the sale, book the gig, complete the transaction or it’s all “just talk”. It has an easy to use appointment reservation system that sends reminders by email or text message. You can see it in action here:

These are just a few of my favorite tools to assist you in being more productive in your business.  What’s in your tool kit?

For a copy of my Business Resource Guide:

For the last 30 years Caren has dedicated her personal and professional life to communicating and connecting with people. In the early 90’s she was a children’s rock and roll singer, signed with Rhino Records. She traveled the country singing songs of self-esteem. That experience culminated with a concert at Carnegie hall. She has 8 CD’s to her name including “Voice of Hope” which is a collection of spiritual songs to move you through the many experiences in life. During that same time she owned a creative arts company that provided arts programming for the public and private schools sector in Los Angeles.  She is the author of 4 books and the host of Connecting People, Changing Lives, an internet TV show. Today, as the co-founder of Spark It Network, she focuses on helping businesses create digital assets so that they can get found on the internet

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The One Magic Number That Will Turn You Into a High Achiever

That number is 168. As in you have 168 hours in every week to stand up and change your life. Watch the video to learn more.

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