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You don’t want it. You just kinda want it.

This is how I talk to myself when I am unhappy with doing what I am doing at the moment. I think you could use this also. You’ve talked about that cool project you want to do. More than once. But

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Five things I wish I would have learned in high school

SDN013: 5 Things I Wish I Would Have Learned In High School

Do you ever wish you could go back to that very last day in high school and talk to yourself? I wish that all of the time. What you learned in high school does not even come close to preparing you for

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Want Success Faster? Treat Your Weekends Like Your Weekdays

Do you want to squeeze a little more success out of your week? Stop using the phrase “It’s the weekend” as a reason to stay in bed longer. Start treating your weekends like you treat

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Want to more productive? Sleep less

I’m always looking for extra hours. This is how I found them.

If you have a Monday through Friday job then you already know how restricted your time is during the week. Your mornings are spent getting out the door so you can be at work at your desk by 8 am. Your

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How High Achievers Think

Five Things High Achievers Do That You Need To Start Doing

Success leaves clues. I believe that there is nothing new in the world, so the traits that successful people have today have been around awhile. Sometimes I have a discussion with someone who is looking

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