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SDN EP 15: How To Stop Wasting Time On Social Media

I live online. And I am highly engaged in the world of social media. Sometimes it is the first thing I check in the morning for new communications, and the last thing I check at night to see if there has been any new activity in my private groups. If I'm not careful I could easily spend a full day participating in discussions on private Facebook groups. In this podcast I talk about how to be sure that your time is managed well while you are online. If you are running a business and trying to find balance in your world, then this is a great episode to listen to.

Listen to the podcast. Watch the video (below). And then share your thoughts with me in the comments.

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How To Make That One Thing Go Viral

The best damn slidedeck you will watch this week.

How To Make That One Thing Go Viral from Upworthy

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