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SDN019: How I made $400,000 from a single conversation

One of the best things you can be in life and in business is more outgoing and more approachable when it comes to making new friends. I thought I’d use this time between us to talk about my history-

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It Is Time To Believe Again

You Are The Light

With the name Holly you cannot even imagine the number of holiday socks, ornaments, trinkets and cards I get.  Let me begin by saying I am NOT a Christmas, or holiday baby either.  I’m often telling

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How to get unstuck and started (even if you love to procrastinate)

We’ve all been there. You have. I have. Stuck. Maybe you need to get your sales up or write a book. Maybe you need to deal with a staffing issue (or you need staff). Whatever the reason…being stuck

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Harvest Your Good: 7 Things to Release Into the Wind

Every fall I take a moment to enjoy the leaves falling from the trees and truly recognize that with each leaf falling the tree is giving up a part of itself it no longer needs.  Trees do this naturally. 

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Five Must Read Books

5 Must-Read Favorites to Expand Your Successful Life

Summer is the easiest time of year to justify doing nothing.  What you do each summer also defines the successful and the not so successful.  I find summer to be a great time to read and learn. For me

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Dropped The Ball On Your New Year Resolution: 3 Mid-Year Tips to Rebuild Accountability

As Ryan Seacrest dropped the ball in Times Square did you drop the ball on the goals you set this year?  No matter if your life or business plan is on a calendar year or fiscal year you must pick up the

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Growing Your Life

Plant Your Purpose: 5 Things to Grow Your Life This Spring

Spring is finally here! April, our time for renewal, and planting seeds in the fertile soil. What if this year we really embraced planting new things as leaders?  I invite you, this spring make a commitment

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