Are you looking for marketing clarity and a plan to get people to knock down your door? You are in the right place. 

Before you continue down the rest of this page, I want you to be completely honest with yourself and where you are in your business.

Do any of these sound familiar:

  • Your business phone has not rang in the past 24 hours
  • You are getting consistent business but you don't know how. You don't who your best and worst sources of new businesses are
  • You are not using a CRM. Or you are using one and you don't have a good handle on who your prospects are and what value they'll be to your business
  • check
    You don't have a solid list of services you offer to people. You kind of "wing it" when people ask your price
  • check
    You try to keep your prices low because you feel like you should be a "nice guy/gal" and be affordable for everybody

These are the the symptoms of a disorganized marketing plan. Or even worse... no marketing plan. And it's not uncommon. Most business owners have no written marketing plan. If you asked them what their next source business was going to be, they would not be able to give you a good, quantifiable answer. If you asked them who their best clients was, what their profit margin was or what their best marketing channel was, they'd likely give you a blank stare.

"Patrick knows his stuff. And his stuff ROCKS!"

My name is Patrick

I've been in business since 1998 helping businesses makes sense of digital marketing. I consulting and speak professionally on the topic as well as appear on major new stations to talk about the digital landscape. What does all of that mean for you? 

I get it. I know one thing well and it's digital marketing. How to plan, organize, set up and run the digital landscapes so it drives traffic and leads into your business. After all - what is your business without a regular flow of new clients coming in the door. 


We are going to spend  45 minutes learning about your desires, dreams, goals and outcomes you have for your life. If you are in entrepreneur mode we are going to learn about why you started a business and what you core strengths are when it comes to running your business. 

We are then going to walk you through some ideas you can use to instantly get you into that sweet spot of marketing and running your business. That spot where you can focus on the fun things that play into your greatest strengths.

Now you may be tempted to open another browser tab. But keep reading for a minute...

How many times have you postponed working on your business? 

How many times have you said that someday you are going to get your life together?

How years have you put off traveling? Family vacations? Or the other things that you thought you'd get more of by starting a business? 

What would it feel like to actually have a plan of action for your business? 

To know when you wake up in the morning what tasks you had to do to make the phone ring more?

How would it change your relationship with your family to be able to spend more time on a beach? In the mountains? Or even something as simple as more time at the park together instead of working longer hours?

You have the ability to do all of this today. All you have to do is being brave, click on the button below, and start your journey towards building the perfect day.