Five Things You Can Do Right Now To Increase Website Traffic

Getting More WordPress Traffic
Getting More WordPress Traffic

What is the best sign that you are making progress in the online marketing world? It should always be the number of conversions. And by conversion I am talking about two things: How many people signed up for your email list, and how many people checked out using your shopping cart.

But online marketing (like all marketing) is based on a funnel. You have to get A LOT of people into the top of the funnel to get anybody out of the bottom. The very top of your funnel comes from the number of website visitors. So one of the goals of any great online marketing program is to get as many people to your website as possible by any means necessary.

Take any (or all) of these actions now to immediately increase website traffic: .

  1. Create a new blog post. The search engines rank all organic content by two factors: Relevancy and Recency. Most people are great at the relevancy part, but it is really easy to become a slacker in the recency department. All things being equal, the business who as a website that changes (via blog posts) more often will always rank higher in the search engine. In addition to ranking higher their site will also be scanned more often by the search engines. You should be laying out an editorial calendar and publishing content your website no less than once a week. This is hard to do (look at my site) but extremely important. So as soon as you finish reading my blog post you should go post a new one of your own. Don’t come up with any excuses. Just do it.
  2. Comment on 5 other blogs. Your blog is only as popular as the number of links that are sent your way. The temporary one from social media are great, but you want those nice, long-term, juicy links that come from other content-based websites. One of the easiest ways to pay attention to what other bloggers in your industry are saying, and then offering a relevant comment in the comment area. The nice part about this is that most comment area have a place for you to list your site. Have you ever had WordPress comment spam? That is what happening. People are leaving WordPress comment spam by the thousands to get as many back links as possible. So go hunt down five blogs that you like right now and leave a useful comment. Then watch your traffic spike. Then come back here and thank me 🙂
  3. Join Triberr and build your tribe. Are there fellow bloggers that publish such great content that you know you are going to tweet it out? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a system that made that as easy as possible? Welcome to Triberr. This is a great service created by the infamous Dino Dogan that makes sharing content that you were going to share anyways as easy as possible. It is like having your own personal news syndication network. When you create content you have a guaranteed audience. How big is that audience? With the right tribe it could be in the millions. If you want to get started with Triberr drop me a comment here or on Twitter account @patrickallmond. I might have a tribe that would be a good fit for you. Whenever I use Triberr properly on my website I see my traffic skyrocket.
  4. Join, post and participate in a forum about your industry. This has three benefits. 1) You get to hang around your peers and learn/grow with them 2) If you ever have any content on your blog relevant to a conversation thread you can drop in a backlink to your site 3) Almost all forums allow you to have a customized post signature. With that post signature you can drop in a link back to your site. You’d be surprised how many clicks I get from all the forums that I have participated in over the years. They are great for long-term, high quality back links.
  5. Push your social media followers to your website. If you are a business then you should always be looking for ways to push visitors back to your website. As fun as it is to post pictures and share information, all of that social media participation does not put food on the table. Getting leads back your site, getting them the participate in your OWN platform, and getting them to buy is what makes it rain. You should be looking for a way to drop a link to good content on your site at least 1-2 times a day.

I’ll swear on a bag of beef jerky (and I love my beef jerky) that all of these tips work wonders and will increase website traffic. So what are you waiting for? Get moving and get that website traffic flowing