Creating something easy is hard. Do it anyways.

I made this discovery as I sat here trying to redesign the Focus Consulting And Training home page.

Whenever I visit a website I expect to be able to find what I need to find within two clicks. If the site is really good it should take me zero clicks or at max one. If it takes more than about five I end up frustrated. With as many great web designers out there as we have this should not be an issue any more.

I started looking at our own site and realized that I was not happy with our home page. I wanted it to be simple. I wanted someone to not have to think. Just come to the Focus website and say “Oh that is what they do. Cool. I want to buy it”. I’ve been working on this all weekend now (Holiday weekend) . It is really a challenge to figure out how to say what you do in as few words possible.

Right now please take the time to look at your own site and marketing materials. It would be even better if you had 10 trusted friends look at it. Ask for a good harsh critique on everything: Layout, width, color, grammar, spelling, etc. Learn about A/B testing and multi-variant testing. If you don’t know how to A/B or multi-variant test your content on your site then contact us and we’ll show you how. It is one of the services we offer.

Strive to always make your message and your site as simple as possible. You will have a lot of drive bys, but the people that really get it and need exactly what you are selling will stick around and open up their wallets for you. I promise.

Would you like my candid opinion on your site? Please leave your site name/url in the comments below and I’ll look at it for you. It will take me no longer than 120 seconds to form an opinion about your site. Your potential customers spend even less time than I will. Things that make you go hmmmm.