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Every single act you take should be lined up with a long term purpose. From the food you eat to the exercises you practice, make sure your life is a series of constant improvements over yesterday – Patrick Allmond

Welcome to our information page about Project “Desire”. This is an online place to write down goals. You may have seen other goal trackers. But we are specifically building one that is based on the above quote. Everything you do should be lined up with the larger picture of your life.

Go sign up for the early beta and start listing your goals today –> Click here to sign up

“Desire” was built out of my frustration with my life alignment. The utopian state where everything you do has a meaning. I could not find a place to document my long-term goals and the tasks that I need to do every day, week, or month to get there.

Go sign up for the early beta and start listing your goals today –> Click here to sign up

Project “Desire” is in Beta mode. We are looking for people to help us with the beta. But you must be committed to not only us, but to your own constant improvement.

Upcoming features:

  • Goal Tracking – an online place to write down goals that align with your long-term vision
  • Email Reminders
  • Teaming – Allow you to build a small team that can see your information and hold you accountable
  • Templates – Having a master library of long term goals that any user can drop into their plan
  • City Tracking – Find other members in your zip code
  • SMS Reminders
  • Social Media Interaction
  • Forum Discussion
  • Online and Phone Coaching
  • Mobile application or HTML mobile site

If you’d like more information or would like to join our Beta release please use the contact form on the site. If you think this information would be useful to your social media connections please use one of the social media share buttons and help us spread the word.

Special Note: Project “Desire” is being built as a freemium service. There will be a free version that has a limited feature set. But paid users will get access to every feature. While this is a passion of the owner, it also needs to be a profitable venture to help the product and company grow.

Go sign up for the early beta and start listing your goals today –> Click here to sign up


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