Productivity Tools We Recommend


    Listed below are productivity tools that we recommend you pay attention to and buy. Why? Because we have them and we believe in them. We’ve spent our own money on them, used them and we love them. If a productivity tool makes it to this page then we’d suggest you click on the link and get it ASAP. We’ll usually point to Amazon because we buy a lot of what we like on there. Be sure to read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page


    Mailing lists –We Use MailChimp – I use them every day of every week. Amazingly to set up different mailing lists and get started sending out fancy emails to people that want them. Highly recommended. Go do it !

    What you are about to learn about is a big secret in the online marketing world. I’ve been studying and rubbing shoulders with some of the big names in this industry. Once I started to learn about their tools and how they are able to build such vast online marketing empires, I started noticing a common thread between all of them. The people that are making it big in social media and online marketing all use Infusionsoft. This is more than an email marketing program. It is a CRM. It is a shopping cart. It is an affiliate management program. It can handle your direct mail. It can set appointments for you. It can customize the marketing. It can rate prospects to see how interested they are.  And this is just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to dominate your industry online click here and join the Infusionsoft Success Marketing Club for free. You will be amazed – just like I was.

    Dropbox – The easiest way in the world you will ever find to keep files in sync across multiple machines. You save a copy on machine A, it magically appears on machine B. This really is the closest thing you will find to actual magic.

    GoodSync – Backup Software. (You are doing backups right?) I have this installed on every computer I own. It backs up all files to another local drive, or over the internet to an FTP location, Amazon S3 storage, etc. This is the short (twitter) version. The program is amazing and does a ton of stuff. I install it, set up the options, and it runs in the background. I sleep happy and worry free at night because of this software. Get it now.

    Books I am reading or have read

    Note: If you scroll down a little then you will see an Amazon widget which will make it easy for you to purchase several of these books.

    Currently Reading:

    Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill)


    The Alchemist (Coelho)
    As a Man Thinketh (Allen)
    Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff (Carlson)

    On my bookshelf to read:

    7 Secrets of Entrepreneurial Masters (Fishman)
    How to Lose Friends and Infuriate People (Nader)
    Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion (Cialdin)
    The Idea Writers – Teresa Iezza (from the library)
    Secrets of Social Media Marketing (Gillin)
    Social Media Marketing an Hour a day (Evans)
    The Master Motivator (Rohn)

    Recommended to me/want to Buy:

    Million Dollar Speaking (Weiss)
    Outwitting the Devil (Napoleon Hill, Thanks Clark Frailey)
    Taking Flight – (Rosenberg, Thanks Mike Crandall)




    Logitech Premium USB Headset 350 ( 980374-0403 ) – Picked this up in  2010 in preparation for starting to do regular video and radio shows. I am in love with it. I have gone through a variety of songs and the audio quality can easily compete with the other set of dedicated noise canceling headphones I have. I’ve also notice the cable to the computer is pretty heavy duty compared to most. I am looking forward to using this on BlogTalkRadio, uStream and LiveStream. Go Logitech.

    Blue Microphones Snowball USB Microphone Bundle – Great product. Highly recommended.

    Disclaimer: Assume that the companies listed on this page throw a few pennies our way if you buy something based on our link. Trust me – it is not even enough to eat lunch on. Nothing appears on this page that we would not sell to our own mothers.


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