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SDN006: Creating the ideal environment around you

If you want to be a highly productive person, you need to change the environment around you to support your efforts. Everything from the people, to what you look at every day, to what you keep on your

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SDN005: Year-End Goal Setting, and Awesome Ways to Use Spreadsheets

Are you tempted to jump on the year-end goal setting bandwagon? Don’t even think about falling into the same routine of New Year’s Resolutions until you listen to our latest radio show episode.

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SDN004: How and Why to Make Fast Choices

Do you have trouble making fast choices ? If you want to achieve amazing levels of success in your life then you need to become a rapid decision maker. The most successful learn how to make fast choices,

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SDN003: What are your habits doing to kill your dream

In the latest episode of our radio show we talk about our habits. Great things come from the right things done over and over regularly. These are called habits. During we show you what you should be looking

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SDN002: How to Start Creating that Perfect Day

The ultimate goal for all of us is to create that perfect day. That is a day where you wake up and only have the things on your plate that you love to do. In this podcast we talk about how to start down

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StopDoingNothing Podcast 1: Time Management for Top Performers

The episode where we cover three of the time management tips that top performers use every day to get more accomplished. Listen and learn.Play the podcast using the player on this page or CLICK HERE to

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