Podcast Show 44: When to suck it up and move on

When life is dumping on you, it’s OK to feel depression and self-pity for awhile. In this episode Patrick talks about how and when to deal with that and also how to cut it off and use that energy

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How To Make Your Business Competition Irrelevant

This video transformed the way I think about my business. It has allowed me to find better clients, have better clients seek me out, and to raise our consulting raise. Set aside the time to watch it and

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You get what you earn

Rights are earned. Not owed.

I am an American, a minority, and a veteran. One of the many lessons I’ve learned is that you don’t get rights and freedoms by demanding them and saying that you are owed them. You get them

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ONE of these days you'll get tired of your own excuses and get it together. I hope today is that day.

The Next 60 Seconds

You want to know who is great at making excuses? ME. As much as I kick other people in the butt I’ve got my own demons riding on my back. Every day I have a war in my head of fighting what is practical

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