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ONE of these days you'll get tired of your own excuses and get it together. I hope today is that day.

The Next 60 Seconds

You want to know who is great at making excuses? ME. As much as I kick other people in the butt I’ve got my own demons riding on my back. Every day I have a war in my head of fighting what is practical

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Time Lost Cannot Be Regained

Thirteen Jacked Up Things That Are Pissing Away Your Life

This morning I was thinking about my constant effort to improve my productivity and energy management. The world is fighting against people that want to be productive, smart, efficient and ambitious.

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You Made It. Now It’s Time to Work.

First, congratulations. You made it. You wrote that book. Asked that girl or boy out. Got the promotion. Maybe landed your first head coaching position. Started a new business. I know you have worked hard

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Life is too short for you to be content with unhappiness

Some of you that visit this website regularly are unhappy. Some are just a little unhappy, some are worse, and some are so deep in a hole that you have little hope you will ever dig yourself out of your

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12 ways you can jump start your new year now

12 Ways You Can Jump Start Your New Year Now

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. Year after year many of us approach the holidays with no thought of preparation then at the dawn

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