Life is too short for you to be content with unhappiness


Some of you that visit this website regularly are unhappy.

Some are just a little unhappy, some are worse, and some are so deep in a hole that you have little hope you will ever dig yourself out of your hole.

I’m going to share a secret with you that is going to be hard pill to swallow: Unhappiness is a choice. And I’m dead serious about this.

Unhappiness is a state of mind that results from how you feel about your conditions. And the best thing you can do if you are tired of being unhappy is change something. Anything.

The burden that you have on your back may be overwhelming. You are not going to be able to shed it all at once.

But start TODAY by looking one TINY thing that you can improve.

People don’t change anything overnight. We make progress by making links chinks and holes in the conditions that we don’t like. With enough holes you’ll eventually start to see some light come through.

Not much. Just a little sliver.

But that little sliver will give you hope. And the next day you work on getting another sliver. And another and another.

Eventually the burden will start to lessen. Have hope. But be sure you are taking action so you can see the results of hoping. I promise you it can be better.

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