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3 Steps to Engineering a Comeback

In 1999, author and motivational speaker Willie Jolle wrote a best selling book,  “A Setback is a Setup for a Comeback”. In this work the author explores the curveballs that life can throw your way

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You Are Afraid

“How do I do better ads?” Become more unhinged. “How do I do better tweets?” Become more unhinged. “How do I do better Facebook lives?” Become more unhinged. “How do I get more interaction

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Do Your Surroundings Inspire Your Mission?

Hey my friends, it's Patrick Allmond from Stop Doing Nothing and I hope your day is going great. It's already at the point where here in beautiful Oklahoma City I can start doing videos outside again.

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easy goal setting for the skeptical mind

Easy Goal Setting for the Skeptical Mind

It’s a New Year! How’s that goal setting going? You guys! We did it. A new year is upon us and thus too is an opportunity to be “resolute.” Obviously, we’re talking about resolutions

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