May 27, 2014

You Think Too Much. And It Is Killing You.

And by you, I mean me too.

Most of the world thinks too much.

We think about doing great things.

We think about starting a business.

We think about writing a book.

We think about making a lot of money.

We think about creating a product that we can sell in our sleep.

We think about going to the gym.

We think about going on a road trip.

We think about becoming a speaker every time we see somebody else on stage speaking.

We think about learning a musical instrument.

We think about running a marathon.

We think about lifting weights.

We think about going to bed early.

We think about getting up early.

We think about eating healthy.

We think about what it would be like to be a millionaire.

We think about what it would be like to be a billionaire.

We think about charging a lot of money.

We think about being popular.

We think about being on T.V.

We think about starting a podcast or a blog.

We think about traveling more.

We think about learning to fly.

We think and we talk, and we wish, and we dream. And we often do this while sitting in a small room in front of a screen, mouse, and keyboard. We are wasting away precious minutes and years thinking about doing great things. Every day we sit in that cubicle our soul is slowly rotting and the dreams are getting more out of reach.

But there is really no rush, right? Because there is always tomorrow. That cool thing you want to do will still be there. Next week. Next year.

I’m reality and I am here to tell you that are you are wrong. Someplace in the world a dreamer who had several of those things on her or his list will get hit by a truck and die. And they will die wishing they had done just one of the things on their list.

For the love of all things holy: Don’t let this be you.

Get off your ass and start working on your list.

Or you can sit there, read this again, share it on social media, and then bookmark it.

Because you can always get to it tomorrow. Or next week. Or next year.


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