How to Waste Months of Your Life, 5 Minutes at a Time

How To Waste Away Your Soul

Good morning/afternoon/evening high achievers. I am sure you have heard me talk about being hyper-aware of your time. Here is something I want you to be aware of as you get more focused on your perfect day.

There are places on the internet specifically created to keep your attention and waste your time. These places are filled with funny pictures and lists, and are saturated with ads. The long they keep you on the website, the better the chance of you clicking on an ad. Some of these sites are Buzzfeed, TMZ, Upworthy, etc.

Why do I bring this up? Be very mindful of your time before your click any link of “the top 5 funniest…” or the “top 20 cutest…” that links to sites like this. It is a GUARANTEED way to lose minutes of your life that:

  1. Will not help you
  2. You will never get back and
  3. You won’t gain anything but some cheap entertainment.

We don’t waste our time in days, weeks and years. We waste it in minutes and seconds. We waste it in 5 – 15 minutes chunks. When you start to think in terms of micromanaging your attention, you start to learn that you should rarely click on things that will “only take 2 minutes” to read.

Be hyperaware of time. Avoid the temptation of wasting 2 minutes when you have a bigger mission in mind.

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