Having trouble writing down your goals? Look at mine

I am sure you have heard it time and time again ; the absolute best way in the world to achieve what you want is to write it down. That is why I have page dedicated on this site to my goals. I just recently updated it and numbered it. The numbering will allow me to have conversations make improvements “by the numbers”, and also provide a common point of reference when I discuss my goals with you and other people.

If you are having any trouble writing down your goals look at mine for a starting point. In the version I have online right I have broken them down into some high-level categories. I don’t have action plans for most of them yet, and I don’t have them broken down into big rocks and little rocks yet. But I have a start.

My challenge to you: Write down your goals someplace online. Come back to the comments below or in my forum and share a link to your goal list. First of all – you will get some link love back from me. I even create a special new forum (follow the link) just for you to post your goal lists. Since it is a new forum area it is empty. Be the first to get in there and post. Make sure you update your forum signature so people can come read about your goals in detail over at your site.

The Next Post: Prioritizing the Goals

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