October 28, 2013

The Three Three Crucial Success Assets That You Have To Manage

If you desire to live at a higher level you need to become disciplined in three areas of your life: Attention management, energy management and time management.

Attention Management:

What do you let enter your brain? Are you working on consuming information that is making you smarter? How much do you read vs. how much do you watch TV? Example: There is very little on TV that is educational. It is mostly entertainment. I’m all for a little entertainment, but nobody needs hours of it every day. I get on Facebook just like you do. But how much time do you spend on it per day browsing and commenting on other people’s lives vs. learning? These are just two examples where your attention gets on things that may not taking you in the right direction.

Energy Management:

The human body has a limited amount of energy when you wake up every morning. Let’s assume that you wake up on a normal day and are not sick. You have a finite bucket of energy in which to read, write, walk, drive, exercise, and just generally get things done. How much of that energy are you wasting? And are you consuming the right things to keep your energy level at its peak? Are you setting aside time every week to exercise and train your body to have higher energy levels?

Time Management:

I am sure you get tired of hearing about this from me. But it is important. Your time management is directly correlated to your attention management. When you don’t think ahead and plan out your life, you have large blocks of idle time. Idle time tends to get filled with whatever shiny object catches your attention. And that shiny object is likely not part of your bigger goal set. Look at your calendar weekly and plan out where you spend attention intentionally.

In summary …

You have a limited amount of attention, energy, and time. Be very stingy with all three of them. Use them for things that escalate your life and the lives of those around you. Idle minds never grow.

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Shiny objects don’t help us become high achievers.

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