September 17, 2013

Three Simple Habits That Will Dramatically Change Your Life

Amazing things happen in your life based on small daily steps. Here are three simple things you can start doing right now that will get you leading a disciplined life:

Start using timers on all your tasks. Don't keep working on something forever. Work on it for a while and then take a break. Or work on it for a while, go work on something else, and then come back to it. Your cell phone has a timer. Start setting it for 50 minutes. Work on something intensely for 50 minutes, and then take a break.

  • Keep a clear desk. Having piles of paper on your desk does not remind you to do things. It can create anxiety as you glance at all the other things you have to work on while you are working on your current task. Get an online to do list manager (don't worry about which one. Pick one fast and move on). File everything you must work on away in a file cabinet AFTER you have added it to your to do list. Most of the time your desk should be clear of all paper and distractions. Keep your to do list always available so you can easily add things to it.

Success does not come from major events happening. They come from the quiet habits that you adopt that keep you disciplined.

  • Plan Strategically. Planning daily and weekly is great and definitely required. But don't forget to take some time out and plan quarterly and annually. Example: Look at what must be done monthly if you want to quit your job in 24 months. Something must be done every month to allow you to drop the hammer in month 24. The same goes with vacations, buying a home, etc. Start planning big picture. Use colored calendars (google calendar is great for this). The big picture plans help filter down and end up turning into daily tasks.

Start addressing these simple things today and see how it affects your life. I kept it small on purpose. You don't need 50, or 20, 10 or even 5. Anybody can start three new habits.

Expect greatness of yourself. I expect it of you, your friends expect it, and your family expects it.

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