April 2, 2020

SDN EP: 81 – Easy Planning For Lazy People

“There are many online tools to make your business life easier.” – Patrick Allmond (03:16-03:22)

Struggling to reach your business objectives?

Find yourself wasting time on projects with little chance of success?

It’s time to stop doing nothing. It’s time to identify your business goals clearly through planning. In this week’s episode, Patrick Allmond provides a simple guideline for easy planning.

Part One of ‘Easy Planning for Lazy People’

Planning is the road map that guides you. We often underestimate this crucial step of the process. There are ways to do it without stealing a massive amount of your time. We all have a lot of things we need to accomplish on a daily basis. You need to discover the right tools and tricks to simplify the planning stage.

“Long term planning is really important.” – Patrick Allmond 

If you’re into lead generation, there are online tools that you can use to make your business life more comfortable. We live in a digital age that helps you expand your network and organize the things that require your immediate attention.

Part Two of ‘Easy Planning for Lazy People’

The best time to start planning for your business is now. The right information will save you from making poor decisions. If you are a lazy planner and you don’t want to overthink things, consider getting a physical calendar. Perhaps you’re currently using a digital calendar or planner. There is simplicity and peace of mind that comes from having your plans on a physical calendar.

“If you’re stressing out daily about getting things done in your business, then consider doing it weekly and quarterly.” –  Patrick Allmond (13:45-13:51)

If you’re stressing out daily about getting things done in your business, then consider scheduling weekly and quarterly. Consider putting measurement points or specific a timeframe for you to accomplish your written goals.

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