January 10, 2011

Where I Am Going This Year. Where Are You Going?

These are not New Year's Resolutions.

If you have seen my master goals list then you know I do have an aim in life. I do have direction that guides me every day. I do believe deep down in my heart in the power of setting achievement milestones (aka goals) for oneself. You don't get from New York to L.A. in one big giant step. You get there by putting one foot in front of the other and counting your successes for each mile of progress you make. 

Recently a good friend of mine challenged me to layout my milestones for 2011. Let's call him RB Bruce. RB and I met for lunch and decided to each make a blog post about what we were going to accomplish in 2011. A friendly wager of sorts (at least that is what I think we said. I can't remember because I was in food heaven with the bacon cheeseburger). I am not sure what the winner gets, or what to do if we tie. That may even be up to you - the reader of this blog post. 

What I do know is that this list will keep me in check for 2011. RB will keep me in check. And you, the StopDoingNothing reader will keep me in check. 

Here it goes … 

Health: Lower my cholesterol measurement from 180 back down to 133.

I give blood on a regular basis. The cool part about that is they check to see if I'm still alive. After that they check to see how healthy I am. I've been keeping track of the critical numbers since 11/2007. The lowest measurement of my cholesterol level was on 3/25/2008 at 133. In 8/2010 it was 152. In 12/2010 it was 180. That is ridiculous. I fear having health related issues as I get older - especially any related to obesity or poor body maintenance. I used to be obsessed about what I ate and drank. I need to get there again. 

Business: Grow my profit % and profit $ for 9 out of 12 months. 

2009 was horrible for business. 2010 was better. 2011 is start off with a bang. I am planning a lot more bangs with the start of an AM/FM/Web radio show and a new client about every week. If I can keep that momentum this goal will not be difficult. 

Pleasure: Log 20 hours of flying time this year. 

Right now, I am out of currency. And I am very disappointed in myself. I love to fly. Let me repeat that. I LOVE TO FLY. My pilot's license is something I am very proud of. I trained for it. I studied hard for it and I earned it. Right now, it is a wasted piece of paper gathering dust in my wallet. I am going to fix that. 

Financial: Save $5000 in emergency funds. 


Business: Save money to attend the Affiliate Summit West 2012 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

This is where the more brilliant minds of online marketing converge every year. As a stretch goal I'd also like to attend Blogworld. 

Health: Reduce bodyfat down to my personal best of 19% (measured 4/24/2008).

As of 12/2010 this was at 35%. Forget that noise. 

Business: Hire an assistant. 

This will allow me to grow my business by focusing on shaking hands and kissing babies (but not babies hands - that's just gross). The assistant will help me maintain a clean work mind and a focused business growth calendar. (That sounds pretty cool - I just made it up!) An assistant will also help me organized. I am not the best person to organize my desk. I need to find somebody smarter than me to help me in this area. 

Business: Start Focus University. 

I've recently learned that I have a lot of knowledge, but not a lot of time to share it with people that want it. I've been planning a new business venture (more like an extension of Focus Consulting) called Focus University. It will be a completely online paid membership education area. It will contain private videos, private forums, and private coaching opportunities with me. 

Personal: Pay down debt. 

I am personally leaving this goal non-quantifiable for now. I will come back and update it later. But I've already started making small dent in this goal.

Personal: Commit to Remember the Milk. 

One of the things that RB teases me about is the time I lose/waste finding systems to help me manage my time. I am a walking irony. He is right - damnit. In January of this year I met a brilliant gentleman named Jake Fisher at the radio station where I have my show. He is 100% committed to the Remember the Milk system. Mainly for its speed and simplicity. After talking to him I decided to commit also. Is it the best system for me? That is what I am hoping to find out. I have a feeling that it will be great as long as I commit to it. My personal pledge is to give it the 12-month college try. I'll reevaluate in January of 2012 whether it is working out. Check it out. 

More to come. 

Ack - I just checked RB's goal list. He has a big year ahead of him.

I'd better try and keep up. 

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  1. Hello, congrats on your blog site, awesome. This just came to my mind, I’m going to be an avid blogger, but only on issues that are helpful and is something that I can learn from. What I plan to do for this year, God willing, is to promote my book and get as many speaking engagements as I can. I truly want to be able to encourage and inspire and be of a help whenever and in whatever situation I can be. I want to stay on top of my 4 children, their grades, attitudes, what’s going on in their lives, the whole nine yards. I want to continue on building my relationship with God, so that I can stay strong and focused on doing positive things. I want to make a better effort to try and eat healthy, more fruits and vegetables, grains, etc. In reality it’s very hard to lose weight so I’m going to focus on eating healthier. I want to stay true to my page on facebook, Joyce Reid, Giving it All to My Father, to be consistent in putting out positive and encouraging write ups. I want to promote love and peace in anyway that I can. I also need to work on my patience, yes it’s short, and I have been working on it for a while, there’s still work to do on that. When I get frustrated, that’s a problem too, I need to watch what comes out my mouth. I want whenever I get the chance to encourage for us all to do better, so maybe the world just might get better…Happy New Year 🙂

  2. Thanks Joyce – You should list all of those out on your site someplace. People would love to read them and keep track.

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