Welcome To The Grind

There are no shortcuts. There are no quick fixes. There are no secret methods to “being productive”, “making more money”, and “time management”. As much as I may use these phrases on occasion, they are all worthless without the magic word. The magic word overrides all of these. When you focus on that magic word, everything else falls into place. When you focus on that magic important word, you don’t have any problems getting shit done. You don’t hate your day and your life. You realize that busting your ass is part of the process of success.

That magic word is DESIRE.

When you are burning bad enough on the inside, then the world needs to be put on notice. You are coming. And you will go over, around and under everything that gets in the way of your goals. Obstacles don’t stop someone with desire. They may blink, pause and side step. But in no time they are back on the treadmill. They are back at the grind.

When you are tempted to waste time, remember your desires. When you are tempted to sleep in, remember your desires. When you are tempted to give up, remember your desires. Remember that desire that is deep in your soul. Remember that desire is nothing without action.

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