You keep doing this, and this is why you fail.

This is why you fail

There is a great scene in one of the Star Wars movies where Yoda and Luke Skywalker are doing mental work in the swamp.

Luke is trying to use the force to lift a variety of objects. He is able to lift various small objects (while upside down) with ease. Yoda then gives Luke the ultimate challenge: Lift your own fighter out of the swamp. Luke tries with every ounce of his Jedi strength, but stills fails at his task. Yoda then attempts the same task and has no problem with it. And then one of the most beautiful lines of movie dialog is uttered:

Luke: I don’t believe it.

Yoda: And that is why you fail.

Do you ever just sit and think about the success you want? Not just dream it. But close your eyes and “see” it in your mind. Can you envision where you are on the planet? Do you know who is in the room with you? Can you imagine the sights and sounds that are going on around you? Do you know what clothes you are wearing and how things would smell around you?

One of the ways you can dramatically increase the chances of accomplishing something you want is to create the mental picture of what your success looks like. Create the reality in your head before you get to in real life. Don’t just casually imagine it. Sometimes “Vision Boards” are not enough. You need to close your eyes and get all of your senses focused on that dream. Your mental state can do more for you than any vision board.

Get in the habit of creating the mental state of your success. If you do this often enough your mind and actions will set the right tasks in motion to get you back to that state.

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