Decide Fast. Get Rich. Drink Coffee.

Skill #1013 that will help you develop a kick ass life. 

Rapid decision making. 

I’ve learn through a ton of trial and error…. And error…. And error…. That it’s rarely possible for me to make a “bad decision”. If I think about something for more than 30 minutes, that means I’ve weighed the most important factors in my head. 

Black and white. Right and wrong. Some decisions are like that. Should I hit this person with my car? No. Should I rob this bank? No. You always have a choice even in those scenarios. We make a lot of choice like this every day on autopilot. And as we know some people make the dark choices. 

Most of decisions you make do not result in permanent repercussions.

It’s rarely your choice that get you into trouble in your life or business. It’s the delay of making a choice, accepting the default choice, or letting someone else decide for you that takes you on a path of regret. 

Learn to make fast choices. Then get on with the plan. This will allow you spend more time doing, and less time postponing the inevitable. It also prevents life making the choice for you when you are out of options. 

Learn to make fast choices.

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