The Next 60 Seconds

ONE of these days you'll get tired of your own excuses and get it together. I hope today is that day.

You want to know who is great at making excuses? ME. As much as I kick other people in the butt I’ve got my own demons riding on my back. Every day I have a war in my head of fighting what is practical and not fun with what is fun but harder to accomplish. I take the easy, less-than-happy way out more often that I’d like to admit. I deal with the remorse and then hope I get the chance to make the happier choice tomm. But the happier choices are also happening more frequently.

I am sure you have this riding on your back. There is that “thing” out there that you want to do. It’s fun. It’s exciting. And you know you can build an income and a lifestyle around it. But there is also that doubt in the back of your head. Or maybe there is no doubt. Maybe everything else just gets higher priority. Family, jobs, parents, the yard, the dog, the bills. Everything else takes up all of your damn time and there is nothing left to pursue the dream.

I’ve been there. And I’m still there several times a week.

It all comes down to decisions. Every minute you have to decide what is more important. If you decide to take the easy less than happy way out, then you’ve lost that minute. Try again the next minute. And the next and the the next after that.

But remember that your minutes are running out. Those minutes are going to turn into hours. And then days, weeks and months. Time doesn’t disappear all at once. It happens in the seconds and minutes that we waste on the less-than-happy bullshit that comes our way.

OK. You’ve consumes the past 60 seconds with this. Now what are you going to do with the next 60 seconds. And the next. And then the next.

You get that choice.

StopDoingNothing. Love – Patrick

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