Patrick Allmond is a 20 year entrepreneur, speaker, military veteran , pilot and news contributor. He created the “Own Your Empire” marketing system which is his structured approach to creating the life and business you love. Business owners come to Patrick to learn how to be rockstar marketers in their industry using the internet for lead generation, digital TV, social media and email marketing. In addition to consulting he travels the country speaking at events showing ambitious people how to generate results so they don’t waste their time, money and most importantly their life.  He is also a frequent television contributor on ABC/CBS/NBC/FOX, has a weekly web TV and radio series, and writer for SUCCESS and Entrepreneur magazines.

Action is the great things that escapes most people. Good ideas are easy. Good executions is rare and where the fulfillment comes from. Which one will you focus on today? - @patrickallmond

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  • Started my first business in 1998 after four years in the military and eight years working for the big yellow and black car rental company
  • I'm lucky to travel around the world speaking, training on the topics of "Done > Perfect" motivation and digital marketing
  • I am a consumate workout lover and gym rat. Always down for lifting things up and putting them back down
  • Adrenaline seeker. Boring is not an option in anything I do. Sorry not sorry. 
  • I loves flying and became a pilot in 2000....oddly after I left the military
  • I love social media and how it makes the world more connected and intimate. You can find @patrickallmond on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Developed the concepts and website about StopDoingNothing in January of 2007 after dealing with my own lack of accomplishments and frustrations. It's been "Onward and Upward" since then. 

The Long Version:

I am a non-stop consumer and teacher of information. I'm obsessed with learning everything I can about what makes a great life or a miserable life. And everything I learn I want to add my own take on it and share it with you. People have called me an oversharer. They say I put out too many blog posts, videos, tweets, etc. That is probably true. But I don't do it to screw around with your time. I do it because I love teaching. And if each thing I share can make your life better, then it is worth it to me. Follow me on the social media channels mentioned above on this page.



Most meeting planners hire the diva motivational speaker. You know the drill. They come in at the last minute. They do their schtick. And then they catch the first plane out of there. Your audience is temporarily entertained and motivated, but doesn't walk away with the long-term skills needed to grow their life or their business (or you business). 

We think it should be different.

And we call it the "StopDoingNothing Experience". We don't come in for an hour and leave. We working with your meeting planner to create a full-service experience.

It starts with pre-event planning and getting your attendees excited to be there. We introduce them to Patrick and our team before the event ever starts. Our next step is to  work with your team and  attendees to determine the content they REALLY need to hear. We'll then custom design shirts and other material for your event so your attendees walk away with something unique that they will never get or see anyplace else. While onsite we'll mingle with your attendees and ensure they are talked with and not just to. All of this will lead up to the main stage presentations which they will already be anticipating. Do we then leave? Nope. We are there for the duration to ensure the networking and engagement continues well after the "presentation is complete"

Does this sound like something you'd like to bring to your next event? 

Why Patrick? 3 Fast Facts

  • Experience. He has a lot of it. In life and in business
  • Focused. Will work hard from day one to make you look good
  • Flexible. Will do whatever it takes onsite and offsite to make your event an outrageous success.

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I am combing the world looking for people that want to be high achievers in life. I run the popular & growing community at and the StopDoingNothing Facebook Page. You'll also catch me as the Social Media contributor to Fox TV and several other TV stations. Follow @patrickallmond

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