Yeah Baby! 13 Marketing Mojo webinars added

When you have a holiday Monday like we did in the US, your mind plays tricks on you. Since you are relaxing your body feels like it is just Sunday again. Then on Tuesday you go into work on you are in that Monday state of mind. At best it’s just confusing. At worst all of that Tuesday stuff gets screwed up because your mind is in Monday mode. That continues to mess with your mind until you get to Friday which feels like Thursday, and then you end up happy at 5pm when you realize that you’ll have the day off on your Friday which is really Saturday.

Or you could be like a lot of business owners and completely forget that it was a holiday. That is what I did. But you will benefit from it.

The great part about this is that I scheduled 13 new “Marketing Mojo” webinars for you to join. You can see the complete list by visiting –> Focus Consulting Online Marketing Mojo Webinars

Sign up for one or for all. We’d love to teach and share what we know on the call.

— Patrick

P.S. See that form over on the right side of our site to get our Marketing Mojo book? You should fill that out. Not because I want to email you in the future (Which I do). But I ask for a brutal, honest critique from everybody that reads it. I take all of that feedback and revise that book every couple of months. I’d love your feedback to add also. Thanks.

P.P.S. If you don’t want to attend any of the webinars but know someone who does then share this post with them. Thanks.