WordPress Categories vs. Tags: How to Worry Less and Write More

WordPress Categories vs. Tags – A simple strategy. If you are a speaker then you need a website. It’s a great place for people to see what else you know after you walk off the platform. One of the most recommended platforms for online writing (a.k.a. blogging) is WordPress. After you start writing in WordPress, the question of categories vs. tags will come up. Which one should I use? Which one is better? Which one better for SEO, etc. Here are some answers to help you go down the best path.

  1. The most important tip: Don’t fret over it. Both are just different paths to find your blog posts. One is not better than the other. Just start writing.
  2. Categories: Pick a finite number of blog categories and write within them. Don’t write about everything (I’ve made this mistake) . You are likely not a news site or TMZ. Pick 5 categories (maybe 10) and make sure every blog post focuses on 1-2 of those major categories. People come to you to read about your speaking and writing expertise in certain areas. Be sure you write about those areas consistently. Once every week or two. Don’t make your blog categories single words. 2-3 words each is better because it is more descriptive and helps you better in SEO. You become a bigger fish (expert) in smaller pool (blog category/search engine). Don’t write about “Money”. Write about “Saving Money”. Even better – write about “Being A Cheapskate”
  3. Tags: After you write your blog post, look it over for subtopic ideas. if you are writing about “Saving Money At Christmas Time” then some of your subtopics might be: gifts, christmas, gift giving, bargains, etc. I like to look for the longer words in my blog posts (ignoring all conjunctions and connector words) for ideas on subtopics. Pick 4-5 of those subtopics and make those tags.
  4. Try to reuse tags that you have used in the past. A tag or a category with only one post doesn’t have much value. You want to build up a library of expertise in each category or tag.
  5. If all of this still seems like a headache, then ignore everything I said about posts and just use 2-3 word categories. Your blog will be just fine that way.

Now start writing. Any questions?