What are marketing funnels?

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What are funnels?

In the online marketing world, a funnel is the process of finding the perfect people who have a pain point that you can solve and presenting a solution to that funneled audience. A funnel involves reaching out to large number of people, filtering them down to the ones who have a high interest and desire for what you provide, and directing them to a place where they can purchase your products or services. A well-planned marketing funnel guides people to the right solution they need at the right time. Online marketing funnels allow you the find qualified prospects 24 hours a day from around the world.

Why are building lead generation systems and funnels important for speakers and other businesses?

Everybody loves to be on stage. But if you want to build a long-term speaking or thought-leader business, you need to constantly be working on building your complete business empire. Your empire consists of all the ways that people may gain access to your knowledge when you are not on the stage. This can include books, physical training products, consulting engagements, mastermind events, and online courses, just to name a few. A solid business involves multiple revenue streams.

What are common systems and platforms used to create marketing funnels?

The best way to build a funnel is to use a set of tools specifically designed for funnel management. You will need:

– Email list software to gather leads and automatically follow up (i.e., MailChimp, Active Campaign, Infusionsoft)

– An easy way to building marketing pages and host videos (i.e., ClickFunnels, LeadPages, WordPress)

– A way to collect money when people are ready to purchase (i.e., PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net)
– A place to host your online courses and/or content (i.e., Kajabi, WordPress, ClickFunnels, Your Own Site)

How many steps should be in a funnel?

The rules that apply to offline sales also apply to online funnels. Generally, the higher the investment at the end of the funnel, the more steps the funnel will need to build trust. A $97 product may only need a three-step funnel. In contrast, a $25,000 annual program will need several more steps along with other forms of communication, such as a one-on-one call, to seal the deal.
You should automate as much of your funnel as possible so only highly-qualified prospects make it to the bottom of your funnel. The automation will also help you easily scale your business once you’ve found your ideal audience. The goal is to build trust and have people eager to invest in your solution by the time they’ve made it through to the bottom of your funnel.

How do you get new leads into your funnel?

The most common ways are:
Free traffic from a search engine or social media
Paid traffic from a search engine or social media
Affiliate partners who refer people to your site in exchange for part of any sales
Return visitors from your own email list
Other blogs and news websites

What are different ways to think about using funnels to grow your business?

Here are two quick ideas, but the possibilities are endless.
1. Book Launch: Do you have a book coming out? Build a funnel to provide a book bonus to people in exchange for subscribing. Once the book is released, start the funnel to encourage purchases.

2. Need recurring income? Build a monthly program. Use the funnel to send a three-email sequence encouraging people to sign up and gain access to a live weekly group video session with you.

Once you’ve developed your first complete marketing funnel, you’ll need to spend time reviewing it every month to optimize it and get more people to purchase your product. Eventually you will wake up in the morning with new money in your bank account that you earned in your sleep.

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The Purchase Funnel

The Purchase Funnel

Original Image By BronHiggsOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link